What I Learned as a Woman Executive and Mom in Saudi Arabia

Would you think that, as a woman, your best professional experience would occur in Saudi Arabia? I didn't...and I was wrong.

I always liked living and working abroad. I was used to discovering a different foreign country every year since I graduated. When I joined global professional services company Accenture, I worked in the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. When I met my husband, I wanted to spend my time in Belgium to give us time to start a family.

Six years and one son later, the call of living abroad became irresistible. My husband and I estimated our one-and-a-half-year-old son was old enough to start discovering the world. I shared my wish for an out-of-town assignment with my leadership at work. There was one condition--my family should be able to come with me.

About nine months later, I received an opportunity to become the project manager for an SAP implementation for Accenture's first health client in Saudi Arabia.