10 Random Things I Love About Fall

Whoo hoo, fall is here! Actually, fall really isn't here...I live in Texas and we're still wearing shorts and opening our windows to catch a bit of breeze. It's really funny to watch the climatized Texas bundle up when the temps hit the low 80s, though. We're out of the 90s, so bring on the winter wear, baby!

Even though it's still warm outside and the turning of the leaves is something I only see in pictures, it really is fall, and here are some random things I love about this time of year. If you're looking for a sweet, feel-good list about why the changing seasons make my heart happy, then you probably just want to stop reading right now.

Sweatus Reductus: This is a very scientific term to say I don't freakin' sweat as much as I usually do. And by scientific, I mean I made it up. Seriously, menopause is not fun, people. I wouldn't wish a hot flash on my worst enemy. Actually, I take that back. My gynecologist and the guy who cleaned my teeth? I'd totally like to see them have hot flashes. But, the fall weather (or what passes for fall weather here) has caused me to sweat less, and that is a good thing indeed.

Candy Corn: I love those little fall colored nuggets of pure sugar. I've almost convinced myself that they actually count as a veggie. I mean, it's corn. Corn is a vegetable. Does this not make sense to everyone else?

Making fun of pumpkin spice stuff: I love to poke fun at the people who get all hot and bothered over pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice cookies and pumpkin spice everything else. You know we've gone a little pumpkin spice overboard when we see ads for pumpkin spice condoms. Too far, people ... but, I'm all about celebrating something that gives me more stuff to make fun of. So, thanks for that, pumpkin groupies.

Sweaters and leggings: I am sighing just a little bit here, people, because I think there is about a two-week window in January when I can comfortably wear a sweater with leggings in Texas. That is one thing I miss about living in a colder climate. This is a look that just about everyone can pull off and it's just as comfy as pajamas, and who doesn't like that? But let me just say one thing, k? Leggings are not pants. I will cut you some slack if you're under 25 and have a supermodel body (and then, I hate you) but for most of us, leggings are not pants. So, make sure that sweater covers your butt, please and thank you.

Mo-vember: Not. Seeing an abundance of facial hair on men everywhere is not one of my favorite parts of fall. I think most guys look like Hitler or child molesters with a moustache. There are a few here who can pull it off, but the average guy? Just no ... and you bet your bippy that includes my husband.

Movies: I am not a huge movie-goer, except in November. With all the cable channels we have and the ginormous crate of microwave popcorn we bought at Costco, we can have our own movie night at home most of the time. Plus, movies are so stinkin' expensive. But, it seems like the really good movies come out around Thanksgiving, right? And, truth be told, I think most of my fall trips to the movie theater over the past few years have involved the Hunger Games or Twilight. Don't judge.

My anniversary: My wedding anniversary is in October. I think my husband is pretty great (usually.) Sometimes he reads my blog, so I'll just go ahead and say he's great. But seriously, another year with my man is a good enough reason for a fall whoo hoo and I always love looking at our wedding pictures. We were married in Illinois, so we did get to enjoy some gorgeous fall scenery. As much as I love living in the South, I miss the leaves turning.

Black Friday: I love black Friday ... I do! For me it's a much better tradition than baking or holiday crafts. Getting up before the chickens on the day after Thanksgiving and going shopping is oddly fun. I can be home by breakfast and although I'm not sure the deals are worth the crazy pushy shovey shoppers, I wouldn't miss it.

Better running: The coolish fall weather is the best for running just about everywhere. I am running a half marathon in early December and the lower temps make for more comfortable training runs. At least they would if I would actually go out and run. Man ... that race is going to be ugly if I don't move my buns.

Costco: I just really love Costco. It probably has nothing to do with fall, but I love it that much. I love the hotdogs, the super jumbo pallets of everything, and of course, I love the snacks. Everything about Costco just makes me all giddy. That's not weird, right?

November is a month set aside for giving thanks and all of the things I listed make me smile a little bit bigger and make me appreciate something that's kind of a simple pleasure. Snarfing down candy corn and being just a little less sweaty as the temperatures dip? I'll take it.

Jill Robbins is a published author and award winning writer and speaker. She blogs regularly at Ripped Jeans and Bifocals. Keep up with Jill on Facebook and Twitter.

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