What I Realized When Trump Said He Would Protect LGBTQ People

I realized something when the RNC broke out in applause when Trump said he would protect "L...G...B...T...Q" people and then praised them for applauding. We keep hearing how the main reason they love him is that he "tells the truth" when to the rest of us it's all lies. How could they fall for such an obvious ruse? Last night it occurred to me.

Trump people love to explain how they aren't bigots. How the Mexican border wall and the Muslim ban aren't racist. How the crude talk about women isn't misogyny. How "all lives matter" while black men get shot every day. To them, it's all perfectly reasonable.

Trump is saying their nasty little secret thoughts out loud and allowing them feel ok about it. More than ok. Emboldened. That wasn't gay acceptance at the convention last night, that was them patting themselves on the back while they work to dismantle LGBTQ rights. That was a party congratulating itself for proposing to merely discriminate against us rather than murder us outright.

This is what they mean when they say "he tells the truth." They don't have to be ashamed for just being who they are any more. It must feel liberating. This might be the most terrifying reason yet he must be stopped. Because if he gets into the White House, his supporters will be unleashed on our nation.