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What I Saw at the Revolution -- Obama Campaign

Like many, I am sitting by the telephone waiting for Barack Obama to call me in recognition of all of my sweat equity over the last 16 months on this revolutionary campaign.
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I just read a great post on Steve Clemons Huff Post blog about "Waiting for the Call." Like many, I am sitting by the telephone waiting for Barack Obama to call me in recognition of all of my sweat equity over the last 16 months on this revolutionary campaign.

But I only want one job: Director of Public Affairs for Commerce. Plum Book says it's open and the pay grade is OK. It would be great to work with Bill Richardson: NAFTA renegotiations, China Free Trade, ITA work, trade mission event planning, USA TRADE promotion. This is all a world I knew at the National Association of Manufacturers.

So, in the spirit of shameless self promotion, here is my chronology of campaign experiences. This is of course if anyone is reading my posts: "Call Me" --

Obama Campaign Experience CV Michael J. Smith, Centreville, VA

Obama Campaign NY, Iowa, Texas, Denver, Ohio, Michigan, California & Virginia Traveling Press and Advance Volunteer - for Obama for President- 16 months' Service

Iowa Caucus - Canvas and Caucus Volunteer (chronological order) Ward/Precinct Delivery Over Two Weeks in Iowa

Cedar Rapids - Grassroots organizing, Walking Congressional Districts in Cedar Rapids; UAW Union Outreach. Delivered two caucuses for Obama in Conservative Wards via GOTV Provided Voter Registration Access: Worked for Michael Halle, Samir Randolph and Chaim "Hy" Solman. Brought Smith family to Iowa for two weeks Christmas Break at my own expense. 16 year-old daughter worked phone banks and did canvassing. Brought voters to polling place, driving delegates to caucus. Lead caucus reporting back to HQ for vote tallies. Helped win Obama rounds influencing the re-cast delegate votes.

Iowa City -Strong Outreach to Univ. of Iowa Students to Return to Campus for Caucus Political support for Iowa state director Holly. Broadcast media advance and full day traveling press in Iowa City.

Iowa Caucus Press Events

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Advance for Obama Speeches in Iowa City & Cedar Rapids 10,000 People. Marriott Ballroom/Vet's Arena; Met Axelrod and Barack Obama 12-16 to 1-3-08 Worked press with Peter Weeks, Jen Arnold, and Advance for Samir Randolph in central Iowa. Met with Univ. of Iowa Student Groups in Iowa City - shuttled back to base in Cedar Rapids. National traveling press & event plans working with Bill Burton, Erin Fitzgerald, Chicago HQ office. NOTE: Iowa Victory proved pivotal to campaign.

Texas Primary & Caucus Events

Dallas, Texas -Reunion Arena Speech w/Obama, Emmitt Smith 30,000 People, Texas Primary Event. Worked Broadcast Media Relations Dallas Obama Campaign Office Grand Opening with Brett Rosenthal; wrote remarks for local political leadership, press. Worked TV print traveling press at Reunion. Provided lunch briefing with Jen Arnold to Media on the Bus. NOTE: Obama for President won in Texas with Democratic Victory first time in 40 years.

Democratic National Convention Volunteer

Denver - "The Presidential Experience" Interactive Display for Denver Host Committee Volunteer guide and supported oval office exhibit at tent for Denver-residents before Convention Opened for Denver Host Committee.

DNC Press Credentials. Video Blogger for "Inside the Tent" and Online for Huffington Post's "Off the Bus" feature. Filed five video profiles and three print op-eds Media access to convention. Interviews with Mark Warner, Steny Hoyer, Frank Luntz, Craig Newmark, Richard Schiff (creative coalition reporting throughout DNC). Huff Post Column on Al Franken, Obama Campaign.

DNC Finance Committee Credentials for Howard Dean Party; Donor to Obama for President

Met with finance officials; Rahm Emanuel and invited to key parties for networking. Also attended media programs:Vanity Fair event, Google events, Slate party, Huffington Post lunch. Worked with Bridget Gray.

Presidential Campaign Events (one event each week/reverse chronology)

Manassas, Virginia - Press Registration & Broadcast Relations 87,000 People; Last Major Speech Before Election Day 11-4-08: I was assigned press credentialing and 8 hours on the broadcast riser by Jen Arnold. Worked local Virginia TV and photographer contacts. Assisted on national travelling press riser position, AV/sound and logistics requirements.

Detroit . Michigan - Small Business & Policy Meetings Ferndale Phone Banks, GLBT, Detroit News Business. NPR and CBS Radio 10-26/27-08 Generated press coverage working with Mich. Policy Director Jenna Pilat. Handled media for small business advocacy (Larry Strickling) and auto industry/technology at GM visit. Crain's Detroit Business story on clean tech.

Los Angeles, California - Times Editorial Board & Energy Policy Meetings Supported clean tech and environmental advocacy, local LA Democratic City Races 10-20-08: LA Times Ed Board after Obama endorsement. Prepared remarks on energy policy and supported house parties for alternative energy messages. NPR Radio Interview on Obama commitment to new sources.

Columbus, Ohio Rally- Editorial Boards & 2.Ohio Tech Event Obama Speech at Lincoln Tower before "Columbus Day" 10-10-08: Met editors at Dispatch; GOTV effort and story in Ohio State University Paper, The Lantern. Prepared speech and supported Tech, Media and Telecom committee for 2.Ohio Tech event, 250 people. Mike Nelson TMT Keynote.

Washington, DC - GoogleTalk Speech & Capitol Hill Publication Press The Hill, Politico Op-ed columns and National Press Club Newsmakers Event, TMT 10-3-08: Media Tour with Campaign's Alec Ross, Craig Newmark, for Tech, Media and Telecomm TMT team. Op-eds for Hill pubs and Washington Post Ed Board. Google speech drew 150 people, YouTube and blogger media. Global media at Press Club (France, Japan) and arranged small TMT press event for 25 political reporters.

New York, NY - New York Times Ed Board & "OneWebDay" Tech Event Bill Keller NYT Meeting, NY Observer Story on TMT, Rally in Washington Square 9-22-08 NYT Tech Reporter Jennifer 8 Lee coverage for TMT; Ed Board with 50 editors and Page One interactions. OneWebDay (all Tech Supporters of Obama) coverage on NY One TV, blogger media. NY Observer Ed Board.

New York City - Camp Obama Political Advocacy Training 8-07

New York, NY - Learned Saul Alinsky Community Organization Tactics, Campaign Strategies Trained by Alex Lofton, Ray Rivera, Chicago campaign staff on campaign grassroots organizational effort. Spent five days in sessions near Fordham Univ. law school. Again, at my own expense, August, 2007.

What a wild ride. My child in high school had the Civics lesson of her life.

Contact: Mike Smith 703-623-3834

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