What if a Republican President Had Captured Osama Bin Laden?

Imagine now, take your time, and concentrate in your mind if it was a Republican president who had captured Osama bin Laden.

Suppose George W. Bush or John McCain had done what has just been done, capturing this country's greatest enemy. Do you think there might have been some element of bragging?

You can just imagine it. That president would have been placed up on a pedestal so high one would have to take a space shuttle to reach it.

That president would be up there with Reagan.

They would be calling for him to get the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is the difference in the two parties.

A man of that right would be patriot of the century.

And President Obama does what they only dream of doing and all he gets is a week off from having to show his driver's license, a week off from Trump and the assorted naysayers always out there barking along the president's trail.

Well, there was something wonderfully American about what happened Sunday, something right out of our culture, our myth, our spirit.

The president and his people didn't strut about it. That's what makes them different.

Then again, the best cowboy heroes, the genuine lawmen, the good guys of the old west from Gary Cooper to Matt Dillon, didn't we learn this growing up, were men of few words?