What if Every TV Show Followed the 24 Format?

24 is back on Fox, giving viewers front row seats to the most action-packed 24 hours we'll ever bear witness to. We wondered what a season of some other popular shows would be like if broken down by the same, groundbreaking guidelines: 1 hour = 1 episode. Would we catch the beloved Rayna James secretly filling in her wrinkles with botox? Would we see Dr. Hannibal Lecter sneaking in a Doritos Locos Taco? Would Oliver Queen actually get some sleep? Let's tune in and find out.

One Season of Arrow:

02:00-03:00: Back from vigilanting. It's time for sleep.
03:00-04:00: Oversleeps.
03:00-04:00: 5,000 crunches.
04:00-06:00: 7,000 sit-ups.
06:00-07:00: Half a million push-ups.
07:00-07:30: Wax chest.
07:30-10:00: [censored for obscenity and sexual content]
10:00-11:30: Brood.
11:30-15:00: [censored for obscenity and sexual content]
15:00-15:30: Read an article called "5 Exercises to Work Your Abs to Exhaustion."
15:30-18:00: [censored for obscenity and sexual content]
18:00-19:00: Orders green leather vests and emerald eye shadow from Amazon. Uses a gift card.

-- Sheila Dichoso

00:01-24:00: In what will no doubt be a controversial season, a paramecium wiggles.

-- Martin Moakler

One Season of Glee:

08:00-09:00: Mr. Shue realizes the glee club is $200,000 in debt for lavish sets and costumes they use just once in spontaneous musical numbers.
09:00-10:00: The club has a bake sale. Breaks into unrehearsed, spontaneous, fully choreographed number.
10:00-11:00: Realizes spontaneous number at bake sale has put them further into debt.
11:00-12:00: Plans bank heist with a musical montage.
12:00-13:00: Pulls off bank heist during lunch period.
13:00-14:00: Celebrates successful heist with another unrehearsed, spontaneous, fully choreographed number.
14:00-08:00: Lather, rinse, repeat.

-- Richard Ogawa

One Season of Revenge:

06:00-20:00: Emily schemes.
20:00-20:30: Emily practices ice-cold stare/fake Hamptons smile.
20:30-22:00: Someone's life unravels, exactly as planned.
22:00-24:00: Emily has a celebratory drink on her porch with Nolan while not revealing a shred of human emotion.

-- Raef Harrison

One Season of Game of Thrones:

00:00-23:30: Tywin, Cersei, Tyrion, Margaery, Varys, Littlefinger, Stannis, and Melisandre plot. Jaime mopes. Jorah and Brienne pine. Daenerys frees more slaves. Theon gets tortured. Sansa cowers. Arya stabs people. Bran wargs. Jon Snow tramps in the snow. White Walkers walk.
23:30-24:00: Everybody dies.

-- Kristin Knox

One Season of Hannibal:

00:00-00:30: Puts on plastic kill suit.
00:30-08:00: Carries out pre-planned murders of rude people. Harvests key organs.
08:00-10:00: Preps organs and leaves to marinade.
10:00-17:00: Helps Jack Crawford investigate the murders. Leaves evidence implicating Dr. Chilton.
17:00-18:00: Conducts regularly scheduled therapy and psychological torture session with Will Graham.
18:00-20:00: Finishes chopping, sautéing, etc.
20:00-21:00: Eats!
21:00-24:00: Plans tomorrow's dinner. Matches recipe cards to business cards. Cleans kill suit.

-- Kristin Knox

One Season of Mad Men:

06:00: Cocktails.
07:00: Don gets divorced.
08:00: Don remarries.
09:00: Cocktails.
10:00: Bert Cooper makes an Ayn Rand reference.
11:00: Joanie wears something hot.
12:00: Cocktails.
13:00: Don cheats on his new wife
14:00: Betty visits the beauty parlor.
15:00: General '60s protesting stuff.
16:00: Roger drops acid again.
17:00: Cocktails.
18:00: Peggy gets underappreciated.
19:00: Peter Campbell re-slicks his hair
20:00: Don pulls a genius slogan out of his butt at the last possible moment.
21:00: Cocktails.

-- Liz Brown

One Season of Scandal:

00:00-00:01: A high-ranking politician walks in as his scandal appears on the news.
00:01-00:02: Someone's long-lost father appears and wreaks havoc.
00:02-00:03: Shocking murder of one of the Gladiators.
00:03-00:04: The daughter of a high-ranking official is kidnapped.
00:04-02:04: Red wine break.
02:04-02:05: Fitz is shot and rushed to the hospital.
02:05-02:06: Quinn stabs someone and gets aroused.
02:06-02:07: The White House is held hostage.
02:07-04:07: Red wine break.
04:07-04:08: Mellie is revealed as Fitz's shooter.
04:08-04:09: The long-lost father hijacks a plane.
04:09-04:10: Cyrus sets off a bomb in the White House.
04:10-04:11: Olivia discovered that Mellie was set up.
04:11-06:11: Red wine break.
06:11-24:00: And so on...

-- Kristin Knox

One Season of Chicago P.D.:

07:00-07:15: The dectectives get a hot lead about a tough case.
07:15-09:00: They get stuck in traffic en route to investigate lead.
09:00-10:00: In a brief flurry of action, they solve the case.
10:00-12:00: Lunch.
12:00-19:00: Paperwork.

-- Raef Harrison

One Season of Nashville:

10:00-11:00: Juliette attempts to wake up from whiskey-induced hangover from album launch after-party.
11:00-12:00: Shower and lounge.
12:00-13:00: Mani/pedi.
13:00-14:00: Hair.
14:00-15:00: More hair (it's gotta be big!).
15:00-16:00: Makeup.
16:00-17:00: Sound check.
17:00-18:00: Nap.
18:00-19:00: Chill in the greenroom. Cat fight with younger or more beloved singers, depending.
19:00-20:00: More chilling, nasty family secrets/regrets from the past are brought up for no reason.
20:00-21:00: Nervous pacing.
21:00-21:20: Play a song or two!

-- Katherine Rea

One Season of Broad City:

09:00-10:00: Abbi and Ilana oversleep only to be awakened by a rabbit costume falling over. They go back to sleep. Rabbit costume gets up, steals their stash and leaves.
10:00-12:00: They sleep some more.
12:00-3:00: Abbi and Ilana, dressed in catering attire, are stranded on the subway. They pass the time acting out "Can't Hardly Wait" with a homeless person.
3:00-7:00: They end up working a kids' party alongside the same rabbit from earlier. They confront it about stealing their stash, but kids keep interrupting, so they end up singing the rabbit a song about how stealing is wrong.
7:00-9:00: Ilana and Abbi beat up the rabbit and get thrown out of the party, losing their pay. They take the head off the rabbit, and it's revealed to be their friend Taylor whose pot it was in the first place.
9:00-10:00: The trio smoke up in the alley.
10:00-12:00: Ilana has sex with Lincoln while skyping with Abbi about Scandal.

-- Martin Moakler

One Season of The Bachelorette:

06:00-09:00:A "Bachelorette" contestant wakes up in dorm-like bedroom surrounded by other dudes.
09:00-15:00: Walks around in boxers/swim suit, hangs out by pool, thump chests with other dudes.
15:00-15:30: "Stresses out" that Chris Harrison didn't call him for a one-on-one date.
15:30-16:00: Showers.
16:00-24:00: Hangs out with a bunch of dudes while one girl circles the room. Someone makes an off-color joke about not really being into this whole thing, someone else tells, childish drama erupts, fade to black.

-- Raef Harrison