What If, How To and Should I

Every day we are faced with decisions. More often than not, it's something as simple as a choice at the grocery store. However, the decision to be made will sometimes have more weight attached than just bleu cheese vs. ranch. Whether we realize it or not, many decisions we face can change not only the course of our own lives but also the lives of others.

So, how do we know that we are making the right decision in a situation? How can we be sure that something will be for the absolute betterment of our families or careers? With so much influence coming from outside source -- such as friends, the Internet, television and our own past experiences -- it can often be difficult to sort through the "what ifs," the "how tos," and the "should Is."

Having come from a background and profession where physical beauty and the attention of others reigned supreme, I often find myself faced with career decisions and personal struggles that leave me wondering. Even the simplest of things such as what photos to post or even what outfits to wear can become something to be pondered. I am a firm believer that our actions are our testimony. Every person we connect with, whether in person, on a social networking site or in a business situation will surely see our level of dedication to our beliefs in one way or another. As much as we don't like it, people will and do pass judgment. As the old adage says, "Actions speak louder than words." I'm certainly a believer that this is true.

As Christians, most of us can agree that we live our lives in a different skin than those who have yet to find their way. Our words have more importance and an even greater impact on the future of those we meet, especially with young people. Instead of stirring controversy, our goal should be to stir emotion. Inciting positive change has a much longer lasting effect than inciting a riot, so to speak. As a writer, I have a responsibility to make sure everything I write glorifies God and not only myself. I need to ensure that I am not simply writing for the sake of furthering my career, but to be a positive force and voice for God's love. All Christians do, in fact share that same responsibility. So with all that pressure on us to be good examples how can we ensure that we are making good decisions? It's actually pretty simple. In the end, it really all comes down to one question.

Who does it glorify? You? Or God?

That one question can make every decision an easy choice to make. Once we take self-importance out of the equation it's much easier to come up with a solid answer. The decision making process isn't the hard part. The difficult part is remembering to stop and ask. Shouldn't everything we do in this life magnify and show the world who he intended us to be? As humans, our predisposition leads us to try and solve everything on our own which in turn can also put us in the habit of singing our own praises. As people, it is our nature to put ourselves first. However, as Christians it is our job to put Christ first. When he is glorified, our needs begin to fall into place and our decisions become no brainers. If we make every decision with him in mind, we have the freedom to set down our worries, relax and enjoy our lives as we were meant to.