What If The Pope Was Your Annoying NYC Houseguest?

He's gonna want a pic with those bootleg Elmos.

Pope Francis is gracing New York City for two magical days. It will be his first time in The Big Apple and no doubt he wants to make the most of it in the short time he's here.

Great news for Catholics! Maybe the worst news for the person he's crashing with.

As a New Yorker, having a friend visit you for a couple days is godawful. It always sneaks up on you and then, once they arrive, you have to go to all the places in the city that you've gotten SO GOOD at avoiding! And you gotta pretend to have fun because they're on vacation (even though you're just trying to live your GD life!).

This video, written by Paul GaleJohn Trowbridge, and Lily Karlin tells a story of two NYC roommates who agreed to let Pope Francis crash at their place while he's in town.

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