What If We All Had Superpowers?

What If We All Had Superpowers?
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Who didn't spend their childhood wondering what it would be like to fly through the air, shoot lasers from your eyes, or read people's minds? But what if, those childhood daydreams have fueled our technological development to the point where we can now move objects with our minds, become invisible, bullet proof, regenerate, and move with "super" strength and speed?

And what if, asking and then executing on the creation of superpowers are only the first steps in having responsible superpowers? What if we also must discuss what it would mean to us as individuals and as a society, not if, but when we have the ability to do more than we've ever been able to do? What if there are significant social aspects of these physical "powers" we should consider before rushing into them? What if, it's possible to have a future where we use our powers together to propel us forward, instead of relying on them to save us in battles of good against evil?

The question Johnly Cummings asked at last year's What If...? Conference, "What If We All Had superpowers?" defines what a feasible superpower is, how a superpower could be applied practically, and what "superpowers" would mean for our species. Combining a look into the physics of comic books and real world applications of superpowers, "What If We Had Superpowers?" is a hopeful vision of a better future.

Johnly Cummings enjoys gathering new books for his comic book collection as he spreads his free time between the internet, Xbox, and reading. Otherwise, Johnly studies biology and education as an undergraduate student at Westminster College. Snowboarding at every opportunity he can, Johnly also utilizes his skills as an Eagle Scout to camp outdoors and improve the World.

What If We All Had Superpowers?

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