What If We Changed the Way Content Is Shared?

What If We Changed the Way Content Is Shared?
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In her conversation from the What If... ? Conference last March, Content Community Creator, Audrey Bellis starts out sharing her belief that comment section, across the Internet is broken. We now live in an age in which anyone with access to a laptop can become a published writer, share thoughts with the world, and build an audience. But what if the way that audience engages with the content being published and interacts with the writer and other readers has not evolved?

What if content producers and consumers deserve better? What if authors and readers could cocreate articles together?

What if we can create communities through authentic, insightful, online engagement?

When Audrey isn't trying to change the way publishers and commenters engage online, she can be found curating content and sparkles @MeddleIt. With a background in e-commerce and fundraising; Audrey has served on the Advisory Board for Catholic Charities Los Angeles and as an Emerging Leader for United Way of Greater Los Angeles. She currently serves as a development and marketing liaison for UrbanTxT taking back the streets of South LA through technology. Audrey is passionate about building connected communities and can often be found urban exploring downtown LA.

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