What If We Were All Family Generation Changers?

In Tara Stone's conversation from the What If...? Conference this past March she begins with the recognition that there is no such thing as a perfect family. It's up to us to be the difference that can make our families better.

Tara urges us to go beyond the standards our families have provided and challenges us to push down new paths.

What if, in doing so, we won't just create new opportunities for ourselves, we'll also uncover ways to create new opportunities for our families that may not have otherwise existed?

The life you have doesn't mean it's the life you've been given. Sometimes we can make the biggest impact on the world by starting with our family. Tara's talk defines generation changers and provides a path of five steps you can take to set the stage for those who come after you.

What if you can become a family generation changer?

What changes are you going to make to set a new course for the future of your family?

A proactive, self-help junkie and advisor in the Student Success Center at Missouri S&T where she graduated with her BS and MS in Technical Communication, Tara is the creator of Remarkable180 that encourages people to stop existing and start living by making changes in their life.

What If We Were All Family Generation Changers?