What Industry Leaders Can Teach Us About Marketing Online

With the ever evolving, ever expanding online space there is no shortage of ways to gain exposure, build a connection, or grow a business. Between Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and many more the amount of customizable platforms and ways to create content are simply endless.

Picking a platform, figuring out your content, or how your content can help you make money might seem daunting but it becomes much easier if you follow in the footsteps of other major industry leaders.

They Start With Why
As the now widely known Simon Sinek wrote about in his book of the same name as his Ted Talk when you start with why you build a deeper connection with others on a human level.

The concept of starting with why isn't a new one either as Apple showed us back in 1997 with their now infamous ad 'Think Different'. This ad is still relevant almost 20 years later for a reason; it connects with the human being who buy Apple Products instead of attempting to sell a computer.

Marketing online is no different; it 's an experience and whatever experience you deliver to your customer base should lead with their why. By leading with why consumers stay engaged while developing a deeper loyalty. This makes a campaign much more than making a sale but instead converting a life long customer which contributes to long term success.

They Are Clear On Who They Are Talking To
Knowing your ideal customer is one thing, but being very clear on who you are talking to and tailoring the conversation for them is another.

Society has come to expect a customized experience, especially when they are considering buying something. This isn't to say that you need to stalk your customers everywhere they go, but instead, switch the focus to being relevant at the right times.

Gary Vaynerchuck co-founder and CEO of Vayner Media recently published and article on his blog called 'Content Is King, But Context Is God', and he couldn't be more right.

Tailoring your online marketing campaign to your users experience based on the platforms they are already using, what they already care about, and within the context of other things that are happening around them, you give yourself the opportunity to build a connection and start a conversation, instead of pushing a product down their throat.

They Are Willing To Experiment And Even Start Over
When Casey Neinstat when Rouge on what is now Nike's most-watched Internet video he went on a whirlwind trip around the world and cut 40 hours of video from that trip to 4 minutes. But that single video had ten years of making content, experimenting, testing, failing, and starting over. Even then, his efforts in making the Nike video were an experiment.

If you go to Casey's channel you will see the majority of his video content isn't to market or sell something, isn't for clients, and are mostly him messing around with making videos and telling stories.

This is what experimentation looks like, and it's how industry leaders get to where they are.

Experimenting doesn't start and end with a few tries; it's an ongoing process of creating, tweaking, and analyzing, then doing it all over and over again. It's a process that truly has no end or finish line. Couple this with a willingness to trash bad ideas and keep moving forward with that new insight, and you have allowed yourself to reap a success from a failure.

The platform you use, having an optimized website, great video, or the perfect Facebook ad campaign are all temporary tactics that can be used to grow your business. But tactics are useless if you don't connect with your audience and add something to their life.

If anything, industry leaders like Casey Neinstat and Gary Vaynerchuk teach us by example that leading with who your audience is, focusing on why what you are doing matters to them, and taking action in a way that lets's you experiment and improve upon your efforts is the only way to win in the online marketing game.

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