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What Is a Critic? I Am a Critical Analyst...

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My name is Dave Parise. I am a critic, an analyst, a commentator, judge, educator, teacher of sorts. For 29 years I have studied anatomy and kinesiology. That gives me a better foundation to inform than the daily hype, and misinformation you find on video, or in your favorite fitness magazine. I am analytical in a way that made me take this Myth-Information and study Engineering. My extensive studies in biomechanics showed me on a science level how one joint has a relationship synergistically with the muscle, and nearest joint. It specifically proved relationships of muscles and joints and the risks ratios that accumulate over a said amount of time. The time was how often you performed disproportionate exercises, how long, and with what resistance (load).

Heres a fact: An analyst is like a food critic. However prior to explaining why, I will give you my personal definition of a critic first A critic is a professional who communicates his or her opinions and assessments of various forms of work. The work I am teaching is fitness, healthy living, and exercise. Am I a judge? Possibly... whether derived from critical thinking or not. It may be positive, negative, or balanced. I weigh a combination or study mostly factors both for and against certain exercises. T.S. Eliot wrote: "A critic must have a developed sense of fact -- a sense he says." He references a 15-year period to which one studies relentlessly to achieve this milestone. Formally followers worldwide accept my analysis, the quality of my assessments, reputation, and education.

Let's discuss my favorite food critic, and the similarities we share. Adam Platt is invited, or makes a courtesy call and arrives at an establishment. His palate is much different than yours. He knows flavor combinations, temperature regulations, presentations, service, and how one's experience is the lasting impression. If anything is a bite off it can cause a bad taste, a dissatisfied first experience, possibly a sickness.

I enter an establishment, or am invited. I am asked to assess a specific program. My experience for 29 years is different than most industry professionals. I understand how one articulation can effect the next. I understand the environments that can lead to major joint pain, a benefit or risk. If one joint is off it will trickle through the entire system of the body. This will lead or cause poor muscular programming and imbalances.

So you can see how Adam Platt and I work in harmony. What is my point? I am being critical, and analyzing the ones who think they know all there is to know about the body. They have an attitude or a license to perform any exercise deemed possible... guilty or not! It doesnt matter if they go against every rule in the body! They get published... it's ludicrous!

If a subjective opinion can get published, along with a picture showing harm... why does the truth need so many resources, hyperlinks, and get rejected for a marketing piece that just has dollar signs and famous celebrities? Everything I teach is fact, not opinion, propaganda, or based on the way it looks or feels. Grays Anatomy has a section called The major Articulations of The Human Body

For simplicity sake, it shows different classes of levers, and motions. It clearly states how these motions can't change without overwhelming complications. This has been changed by overzealous uneducated so called fitness professionals. However they train a celebrity, casted on a reality show, have investors for an infomercial which gives them credibility?

Some may feel I am on a rant, or possibly a quest. I could be as they say, I do know this... I have a tremendous amount of passion for what I do. I will change the face of exercise. I may only educate one million people, however I will be the change we need to see in the world of fitness!


Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES
TASA Expert Witness
National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee