What Is A Microwedding And Is It The Best Idea Ever?

Space is limited, but when it comes to your wedding fantasies, the sky’s still the limit.
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The average American couple spends over $30,000 on their wedding. When you factor in the inevitable family drama and deluge of details, the emotional costs alone can be incalculable. Enter the microwedding: An intimate (read: tiny) affair that’s friendlier than an elopement and roughly a billion times less stressful than planning a black tie destination extravaganza for 250 souls. Here’s why having one could be a boon to your mental health — not to mention your marriage.


No more agonizing or arguing over whether to invite every single cousin or the fallback of implementing a no-kids policy. Simply invite your parents (or not!) and besties, and be done with it. When the guest list is cut by 90 percent, most people understand if they didn’t make the cut. Will Great Aunt Gloria lose it over being left out? Weigh that against being able to recognize — and be truly happy to see — every face in your crowd.


Lusting after that limited edition French china on Etsy? Go ahead. Buy a set or three. Dreaming of that florist you found on Instagram to make a table arrangement? Go ahead. DM her. When you’re just decorating one table (think: a super-chic dinner party) or one small room (hey, dancing is mandatory for you), the pressure’s off — especially when it comes to your wallet.


Walking down the “aisle” of a courthouse, a garden, a restaurant or your own backyard doesn’t call for a 25-foot couture train — or the months of fittings that go with it. Want to wear a badass jumpsuit à la Solange? Do your thing. And if you do want the big gown, that’s your decision to make as well. The point is, you’re controlling things, not the dress code or other people’s expectations. (P.S. That also means no need to force your BFFS into matching bridesmaids dresses either. Just sayin’.)


An incredible cake, dreamy flowers, a photo booth, the playlist you’ve been curating since you were nine? None of these things need to be nixed just because you’re celebrating on a smaller scale. In fact, because there are fewer guests, you can splurge on the things you care about without going bankrupt, whether that’s a chef-made meal or your flower crown. Space is limited, but when it comes to your wedding fantasies, the sky’s still the limit.