What is a New Year?

What is a New Year?

A contrived way of marking the time, the days, week’s, months, decades, centuries, millennia, light travel? We are about 14 billion years into this. Our Sun and Earth, roughly 5 billion. Our humanity? Roughly 200k. Our “civilization”, let’s say about 2k - 5k depending on how you might define that.

Net: we are children...lucky to live 100 years and we share a thin slice of time with other mortals on this planet — hoping and praying there is a beyond.

Each scientific day we pass, reminds us of the majesty of our universe, the way it behaves and influences us. Pounding into our often senseless illogical minds, that geology is the common denominator.

We are the beneficiaries of consciousness, limbs, mind and vocal anatomy to either steward our home forward or trample upon it with salacious ignorance.

Choice: that’s the beauty and the burden...take your pick. It’s the human condition...CHOICE. Either impose your Will or have it imposed upon you.

Benevolence is the choice that some believe harmonic to the planet’s and the universe’s harmony. Yet, for thousands of years, we have demonstrated quite the opposite...selfish, wonton, avarice. Is that the human way?

Choice: ultimately we decide our trajectory...or we allow it to be chosen for us.

What will we choose for next “year”? Be bold or be sequestered? Or go with the proverbial shortsighted flow that in essence yields to others’ will. Think a bit...it’s a good “time” to contemplate your role amid the 7.5 billion of us who hope to bestow the planet’s grandeur to those yet born.

Cesar M. Melgoza Founder & CEO Geoscape

César M. Melgoza, is a leading innovator and thought-leader on analytic services, business strategy, consumer insights and the development of market intelligence systems. After having fulfilled key roles at Silicon Valley firms Apple and Strategic Mapping, César founded Geoscape to develop market information systems and provide services for an increasingly diverse American and international

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