Bring your resolutions to life this year.

New Year's resolutions are slippery little suckers. We all start out in January with the best intentions to eat better, exercise more, save money, and so on. But 12 months later, we've often abandoned these goals as busy schedules and work stress take over.

Enter the vision board. Research shows that ambition can make you happier -- so why not make it tangible? A vision board is a tool that turns your ephemeral New Year's resolutions into a real, concrete goal. By putting pen to paper and sketching out how you want to feel, look, and grow in the new year, you can start to bring those dreams to life.

So ... how do you create a vision board?

First, think about your goals. Research shows that when you write down your ambitions, you're more likely to accomplish them. What new skills do you want to learn? Where do you want to travel? What do you want to improve about yourself? These are just a few starter questions to get the vision board ball rolling.

Next, focus on how you want to feel this year. By reflecting on how you want to feel rather than the things you want to have, you immerse yourself in good vibes.

Finally, do the damn thing. Grab poster board, magazines, scissors and glue. Cut out your favorite images and affirming quotes and put them in a big pile. Lay the photos out on your board however you see fit. Trust your instincts; whatever you create should feel right to you.

Once your board is complete, hang it where you can see it every day. Studies suggest the more you're reminded of your goals, you're more likely to complete them. Congratulate yourself when you've accomplished a pursuit, and spend time visualizing how you can achieve the rest. The end result? A happier mind.

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