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What's Eating Chuck Hughes?

Chuck (Hughes), the über cutie from the Cooking Channel'shas a delicious relationship with food. His uninhibited demeanor makes for great conversation, great parties and most importantly, his ability to create truly inspired dishes.
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Photo Credit: The Cooking Channel

I admit it: I like to eat. So when any of my foodie friends agree to sit down with me and talk the talk, I make sure there is a meal involved. Chuck (Hughes), the über cutie from The Cooking Channel's Chuck Eats The Street has a delicious relationship with food, as is evident by Montreal hot-spots Garde Manger and Le Bremner, where he's both owner and chef. His uninhibited demeanor makes for great conversation, great parties and most importantly, his ability to create truly inspired dishes.

Joshua Estrin: You always appear to be having so much fun -- What is your philosophy when real life and the kitchen collide?

Chuck Hughes: Life in the kitchen is not so different than any other part of life and that being said it offers the chance to learn a great deal. I have been cooking for most of my life and the rules of the kitchen seem to apply quite nicely:

1. In the kitchen like in life you can't skip steps without risking disaster.
2. If you rush the process things simply won't turn out as expected.
3. You might think you can fake it, but somehow, someone always figures it out.

JE: Do you think most guys realize that men who cook are what some would call chick magnets?

CH: I have been taking cooking classes all my life and yes some of my buddies would give me some static about it. I would laugh it off for many reasons. First off, I don't roll well with stereotypes and I accept everyone for who they are. As for cooking making guys more attractive... All I know is each time I walked into a cooking class it was me and a room full of ladies... I always liked that ratio.

JE: Tell me about your latest project.

CH: I have a great life and the best job in the world and I try to remember to say that out loud every day so as to never take it for granted. Chuck Eats The Street is a great show that lets everyone (self included) get a taste of our amazing country through the food that fills the plates of some remarkable people who are simply living life and cooking the only way they know how -- with love and authenticity. From crepes to Frito Pie I am living the life one calorie at a time and I admit it, I have the best job in the world.

JE: Tell me a little bit more about all those tattoos. Do you think some people judge your book by its' cover?

CH: Oh absolutely, I have certainly gotten my fair share of looks and I know some people still have very strong opinions about body art. But come on I have bacon, lemon meringue pie, lobster and arugula tattoos that hardly qualifies as a badass, right?

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