What Is Fashion Sense and Why Don't I Have Any?

What Is Fashion Sense and Why Don't I Have Any?
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I was really feeling my outfit today (I didn't have any hot sauce in my bag, but still...swag). I'm in college so my outfit usually consists of sweats/jeans and a t-shirt/hoodie. This is not my "well, I'm in college outfit." This is my "I have always worn this style" outfit. But, remember how I said I was feeling my outfit today, well...I was until I tried to "do it for the 'gram" and post my cute outfit of the day post. Fail. The lighting wasn't right, I couldn't get the right angle and then I realized that my outfit was quite..."normal." I had on skinny jeans, grey knitted sweater, checkered black and white cardigan and calf-high boots. Nothing out of the ordinary.

First mistake I made was scrolling through Instagram before posting my "feeling myself" outfit. I follow quite a few fashion bloggers and today, they all happened to have posted some really chic, cute outfits. So chic and cute that it made me ask myself, "what the heck is fashion sense?" which was then followed by "why don't I have any?" I like to shop for clothes. Sometimes. Whenever I go shopping I always tell myself that I am going to buy a new style of clothing or buy some more colorfully diverse items, yet I always find myself leaving with my usual style of clothing.

Fashion blogger, Niurka, of Fashion Styles defines fashion sense as "less of following trends and knowing more of what fits the unique "you" and what you're comfortable in. Being stylish in your true self." So, maybe I do have fashion sense... or, at least I have an idea of what it means. I find it hard to describe my sense of style and even harder to put into words "what fits the unique [me]."

Let us go back to my failed attempt at my Instagram post for a little bit. I'm not a fashion blogger nor have I ever tried to post a #OOTD picture on Instagram. Second mistake made. I would never be contemplating the idea of fashion sense if it was not for me trying to "do it for the 'gram!!!!" Nevertheless, I am happy that I tried because now I'm in deep thought on the topic of fashion sense.

Buki, of Style With Buki, interprets fashion sense as, "your knowledge of fashion and current trends and your ability to interpret that knowledge into your personal style." Trend...such a heavily connoted word. I am not a huge trend follower, but if something catches my eye and takes my money, welp. I love that Buki added the "ability to interpret that [trend] knowledge into your personal style." I personally don't think I have a "style." I wake up, see what is clean, and dress based on how I feel or what I have to do for the day.

The thing about trend is that it is like a boomerang. It comes back around. Taniqua, of Taniqua Russ, says that "trends fade away" and I agree, but they always find a way to become relevant again.

Social media allows trends to flourish in positive or negative light. Today, Instagram taught me that I can be inspired and motivated by what others may post, especially when it comes to fashion, but that doesn't mean that I need to imitate or mimic. I get inspiration and use it to make it work for me.

I think fashion sense is unique. Like anything else about a person. No two people will have the same idea of fashion sense. Dinesha, of She Has The Eye, believes that fashion sense is "knowing what works for you, speaks to you and expresses the message you specifically want to send through your outer appearance." Fashion sense is not just what you wear. It is how you wear it and how you feel when you wear it. My outfit today made me feel bold, classy and beautiful - maybe I do know what fashion sense is and sometimes it has to take the backburner to feeling nonchalant, being busy and having a heaping pile of dirty clothes. I had planned to post my outfit after writing this post, but I deleted the pictures. Really deleted them - I deleted them and then deleted them from the "deleted photos" album. Sigh, next time.

I do have fashion sense. I wear what I want to wear. Rather it is trendy or not, I wear what fits my personal style (whatever that may be) and I wear what makes me feel uniquely me.

I got a chance to ask a few fashion bloggers about their idea of fashion sense. Check out their awesomeness below.

When I think of the phrase 'fashion sense', what comes to mind is having that knack of knowing what's your style. And if you're able to incorporate the latest fashion trends to make it your 'own', then you definitely have that 'fashion sense'.

I would define fashion sense as having a grasp on who you are. Your fashion is just an outward expression of that person inside of you so I think it's all about owning the beautiful you inside & letting the world see what you're all about. Whether you're making a statement with vibrant pieces or cozy comfortable, true fashion sense is about having a voice & being heard.

Ashley, Fabellis

I believe fashion sense is knowing what looks work well together, fashion staples and how to dress your (or someone else's) body type.

Taniqua, Taniqua Russ

For me, fashion sense is knowing style (that lasts vs trends that fade away).. It's knowing how to mix and match colors and patterns, knowing what look is appropriate for different occasions, and knowing when to throw all of that out of the window. Ultimately, fashion is how you let the world know who you are without saying a word, so having a great sense of fashion is saying the right thing about yourself with your clothes.

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