What Is Freedom?

Escape is not freedom. To achieve freedom: train your body and exercise your brain.
If you are physically and mentally strong, you have a slight chance of achieving freedom.
It's heavy work and constant and you have to want freedom and be willing to give up everything that stands in its way.

Yoga gives you strength and power of body and spirit. Languages and knowledge give you mental agility and memory ability. Knowledge dispels fear and gives you a sense of being
and the right to be and knowing who you are. Physical strength gives you some security.
It takes intense training to awaken internal and physical freedom, but it's worth it.

Knowledge gives birth to freedom. For example, in yoga to do a handstand free of the wall or partner. You must know how to fall. Once you learn how to fall without physical pain,
you will do a handstand solo. Learning mentally and physically how to fall. Now, you are free to do a handstand because you have the knowledge, mentally and physically.

Nelson Mandela never lost his mental capacity. When he walked out of prison, he had
freedom. But what he really had was inner freedom. Inner freedom is understanding, that living is a challenging exercise. Accept this exercise, knowing you can be on an amazing journey.

We all have a different interpretation of freedom. For me, freedom is doing what I want
to do. Love it, practice, what I want to do and do it well!

Basically I'm still a dancer. I'll always be a dancer even at 90+. I'll never lose the dedication, that I apply to everything I do. Dancer training never goes away! The drive, the energy, the passion is eternal. It will color my life as long as I live. Whoever you are who guides me, thank you for the most wonderful and amazing journey.

The number 90 is meaningless. What's meaningful is how I live each day. I have no fear of what's ahead. It's all about now and doing the best and the most, I can possibly do at this moment. I have freedom, freedom to accept and meet each challenge and take action knowing it's possible. Meeting a challenge and accepting a challenge, you have to be open, knowing there is an opportunity to grab and give it a life. Now you are living!

There's a sense of freedom in everyone. It's in our gut, but we're taught to do the politically correct thing, which right away negates freedom.

To live with freedom is to live without fear. It takes intense training to awaken internal and physical freedom. That's why I will sky dive again and again and again.
As long as you are on this planet, there will be many more challenges. Don't let them slip away!

DON'T BE A SLAVE TO FEAR! Enjoy freedom!

We are given this life. So go for it!