What Is 'GCB'? And Other TV Shows Hurt By Their Names

What is "GCB"? You might've seen the ads and billboards for ABC's new dramedy (premieres Sun., Mar. 4, 10 p.m. EST), but we bet if you asked the general public, they'd be hard-pressed to tell you what the show is about.

Originally titled "Good Christian Bitches" -- the same name as the bestselling book the show is based on -- the network changed "Bitches" to "Belles." Then, after getting heat from some Christian groups, the network dropped all the title's words and is now sticking with the short but vague "GCB." A little presumptuous to rely on three little letters to sell your show, don't you think? However, "GCB" is not the first series to suffer from a lack of name recognition.

Here, 10 other TV shows that were killed (or at least very, very wounded) by their horrible names. Of course, we hope that "GCB" doesn't suffer a similar fate, but if it does, they can blame it on the branding.

TV Shows Killed By Their Names