FINALLY Gluten Explained For All You People Pretending You Already Know What It Is (VIDEO)

This "gluten-free" trend is getting a little out of control. Everyone seems to be jumping onto the bandwagon, but many have forgotten to do some research first.

Like, say, maybe learn what gluten actually is?

Fortunately, ASAP Science is here to give us a quick lesson about gluten and put the questions to rest.

"Simply put, gluten is a combination of two proteins found primarily in wheat and related grains, like barley and rye. That's it. It's just protein," says the narrator in the video.

Watch the lesson above to learn whether or not this type of protein is actually good for you, why some people need to be gluten-free and what types of food contain gluten.

Seriously, viewing this should be a requirement for anyone thinking about going on this trendy diet, so they don't say something like, "No thanks. I don't eat steak because I'm gluten-free."

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