What Is Gordon Ramsay's True Personality?

I worked with him on several episodes of. I was a lowly PA, so his treatment of me speaks a lot.
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Answer by Adam Rauscher, TV Professional

I worked with him on several episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. I was a lowly PA, so his treatment of me speaks a lot.

Firstly, he rode in the front seat of his car, next to the driver. This says something about him not being high and mighty. During my first three days, he would give me a brief nod whenever he passed. He knew I was part of the team, but PAs come and go. He's not going to waste a lot of time on me.

On my second episode, also three days, he would engage people around me in friendly banter. He's the type of guy who makes fun of people, but with a broad smile on his face so you know he's joking. He also joined us in tossing around a football during a slow point.

By my third episode, I ranked a "hello" and smile. On the last day of the third episode, just before the restaurant opened, a producer pointed out my untied shoe. Being bone tired, I pulled out a chair to sit and tie it. Gordon suddenly shouted, "What are you doing?! That's it! Fired!" I looked up in shock and he immediately laughed at me. It felt awesome.

Famous people are expected to be "on." It uses up energy to be charming. For temporary employees, he was polite, but didn't spend a lot of time with us. As he grew to know and trust us, he became warm and open. He's a little gruff and sarcastic, but a lot of fun. And others who did multiple seasons on the show told me he was very loyal to them. I can't count him as a friend, but how he treats other people says a lot about him.

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