"What is it About George W. Bush that Makes you Want to Serve Him?"

That's what former Justice Department counselor Monica M. Goodling and former chief of staff D. Kyle Sampson routinely asked applicants for non-political jobs at DoJ. The question, of course, is against the law, as the just-released report by the department's Inspector General points out.

I wonder what kind of answers Monica and Kyle got.

"His rich creamy goodness"?

"His manly manness"?

"That thing he does with signing statements"?

No doubt Federalist Society members knew the right way to reply. But as the Washington Post points out, if you were applying to be, oh, an immigration judge or a line prosecutor, the question could have been a minefield.

In the spirit of fairness, I think it's only fair that future applicants, instead of facing this trick open-ended question, should be offered a fill-in-the-blank option:

"What is it about George W. Bush that makes you want to _____ him?"