Watch This Dude Perfectly Explain Mansplaining To Other Men

It's a "critical yet common condition."

It's time for a little Mansplaining 101.

Adam Levine-Peres, the creator of the YouTube series "Project Bronx," took the time to expand on the "critical yet common condition among men known as mansplaining" in a video posted on Sept. 20.

"It’s a condition that affects many men who believe that it is our natural born right to talk over, interrupt and especially explain things to women on topics that affect women, are predominately about women and that they’re probably experts on in the first place," he said. "And that’s condescending."

As an example, Levine-Peres mentioned Matt Damon's mansplaining incident (that also included some "whitesplaining") where the actor interrupted producer Effie Brown, a woman of color, during a conversation about diversity.

No need to worry though, guys. There is a cure that can help curb that urge to mansplain.

"I’ve been prescribed a medication known as 'check yourself,'" Levine-Peres said. "I take my daily dose and I suggest you do the same."

Class dismissed.

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