What Is Miss USA For?

The Internet [told] me the Miss USA pageant [would] be on TV on Sunday. Why do we still bother with something as old-fashioned and culturally irrelevant as a beauty pageant? They say nothing about the current state of fashion/the world, are sexist, etc.

I hear you. The idea that a select group of genetically blessed women should diet, spray tan, gym like there's no tomorrow, hairspray their heads until they become fire hazards, and then parade around in swimsuits and Caché's finest with Kim Kardashian makeup and a sash as a representation of a state in our fine nation in order to win a silly title, crown, and scholarship money does rub the wrong way. As does knowing that Donald Trump owns the organization responsible for issuing this spectacle on televisions around the nation every year. It's like a time capsule into decades past, when no one thought twice about the moral implications of objectifying women. It's like the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but more organized and with a lower photoshopping budget.

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