What Is Most Important

The past few days I was honestly just numb to what is happening in our world. Hate, racism, terror, violence. This morning it got me thinking about a story from my teaching internship 12 years ago. A story so powerful to me I shared it in my book 'Choosing Hope':

During my internship I visited a Kindergarten classroom. I read a story about our differences and how we are all really the same. As I finished reading a little boy frantically waved his hand, smiling -- "Miss Roig this book is just like our class!"

"Please share how." I replied.

Holding up the little boys arm who sat next to him he proceeded "Tim* is black and everyone else is white-but we are all the same."

Tim* looked around the circle and then down at his arm, his eyes wide and said quite in shock "I AM black."

He had never noticed anything different about him, had never stood out in his eyes as (the only) black student in the school. Tim and his classmates viewed one another through eyes that saw personalities, talents, skills, and friendship. Not color. Sure color, culture, heritage all matter a great deal to who we are. However, what matters more-what is most important:

Is that we are all human-therefore we are all the same. A 5 year old can so clearly see that-why can't we all?