What is Poor Customer Support Costing Your Business?

While some companies view service as nothing more than an expense, the data show that providing great experiences is just as rewarding for customers as it is for your bottom line.

The web hasn't killed the salesman, but it has empowered consumers in a way we've never seen before. Armed with so many options, the power of choice truly does rest with the people--and they've chosen to reward businesses with great customer service.

It's true that not every industry relies on stellar experiences. Airlines are the classic example; as a perishable good, most consumers choose to go with the cheapest ticket. Service suffers as a result, and customers have grown to tolerate it.

However, that is the exception to the rule. While the best service is no service, when customers do have to contact a company, they place great emphasis on how they are treated. With great service comes recommendations and loyalty, with poor service comes a bad reputation and abandonment.

We've compiled some compelling data on exactly what's at stake when you see customer service as an afterthought. See it all in the infographic below, and don't say we didn't warn you!



Gregory Ciotti is the content strategist at Help Scout, the invisible email support software for web businesses. Use our help desk and knowledge base to provide outstanding customer support.