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What Is Really Important When Following Your Dreams

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You have, like no other person on this planet, certain contributions that you are to make to this generation. Make no mistake about it, you are here at this particular time because the world needs you now. More than likely, if you are reading this, your inner guidance system has been nudging you, beckoning you to move forward in a way that honors your true self. You are the only expert on you; therefore, it is you who must make the solid declaration of who you are and how you wish to express yourself.

Many will say that they are afraid to do what they really love to do, or that they don't have the time. To them I say, you are more capable and incredible than you give yourself credit for. Never be afraid to follow your dream no matter how "out there" it may appear to others. Do you think people rolled their eyes at all of the inventors and visionaries or artists and musicians who drastically changed our lives for the better? Of course they did! But, those same folks can't deny the fact that it is the dreamers who are the harbingers of positive change in the world. So if somebody doesn't support or understand your dream, just smile and think to yourself, "Don't believe me? Just watch!"

Some people insist that the "rules of success" are very black and white. I disagree; I believe there is a HUGE grey area, and following "the rules" may not be the best way to get you where you want to go. Your dream can be a very simple one or a very complicated one. Either way, I want to encourage and support any dream that you may have even if no one else does. The bottom line is the world needs for your dream to manifest, so take a look at what I think are the truly important elements to consider when following your dream...

1) Perfection or Enthusiasm?

You can strive for perfection, but one person's interpretation of perfection is always different from another's, so who's to say what perfection really is. In fact, I believe it is our imperfections that make us special. You can be the most brilliant, talented person in the world, but if you lack the enthusiasm, passion, and excitement for what you do, then it doesn't matter how good you are. You may not be the best at what you do, but if you have great enthusiasm, which brings with it the certainty that there can be no other outcome but success, you will reach your goal; whereas others who are more skilled, may not. Enthusiasm manifests dreams; perfection does not.

2) Practicality or Hope?

When you have a big dream for your life, people like to tell you that you aren't being practical or that you need to be realistic. However, you do not need to know the details of how your dream will manifest. I think that when it comes to having a dream, practicality and realism should take a back seat. These are simply limitations that we have placed upon ourselves. And when we experience a challenge, it is not an obstacle or detour, it is part of the path itself; otherwise, it would not be there. Every step you take is one step closer to your dream becoming a reality. The important ingredient for realizing your dream is hope. Hope is belief -- belief in yourself and belief in the power of possibility. It can change the world. Hope manifests dreams; practicality does not.

3) Knowledge or Feelings?

It is extremely important to get a good education. Knowledge is a gift you give to yourself, as well as, to others. It allows for greater fulfillment in one's life. However, knowledge must go hand-in-hand with our feelings. We cannot judge our circumstances based solely from the perspective of our minds. Listening to your heart is a necessary component of following your dreams. The heart holds wisdom just as the intellectual mind does. Even when our dreams don't seem logical, our hearts can feel that they are right. At that point, the mind must follow the direction of the heart. Let your heart set the course. Feelings manifest dreams; knowledge alone does not.

So consider this a call to action. You are one-of-a-kind. You have unique abilities, and the fact of the matter is, just one person can change the world. Follow your dreams confidently, never give up or get discouraged, because it is only after you have reached your destination and can look back and see the journey you have taken, that you will be able to understand all the steps that lead you there, and that every single one of those steps, was orchestrated better than you could have ever imagined. And when you do find your passions and share them with others, you give others permission to do the same, and to realize that everyone is important in their own way.