What Is Strength?


What is strength?

Often, strength that is displayed by people, is a guise to cover up hidden wounds. We try to display ourselves as strong, independent beings, as confident and un-phased by the events around us. In reality, it is often a show, a facade, a cry for attention rather than an element of fortitude.

Strength is not drawn from hiding those wounds. Strength is not drawn from repression. Or from the incidence of being slighted. Strength is not developed based on foregoing. Strength is not in offence, or defense. Strength is not tied to our ego.

Strength can lay it all bare; and as hard as it is to believe, it garners either reverence from those who understand it, or is perceived with intimidation. Not everybody truly understands strength.

It is sensitive. It knows its power, and therefore discriminating in its usage. There is no tendency of avoidance. Or indulgence. Strength is an embodiment of benevolence and nourishment. There is, however, the ability to simply be. To adapt. Least resistance, due to a lack of fear of what-coulds and what-ifs. It is mutable, willing and able. To accept what is dealt by the state of things, and deal with it, with grace.

Strength has to do with vulnerability.

Strength is in weakness.

Strength is the embodiment of the ultimate truth.

Strength is the internalization of our humility before God.

It is the ability to let go of those wounds. It is acceptance. It is fearless but fearful. It is all those things but it is nothing.

Strength is nothing.

Strength is to let go, to let be, to simply exist. Strength is to know that we are nothing and that we have no strength. It is to know that strength is in God and is not acquired but provided.

Strength can be found but not acquired.

Strength is, ultimately, in love.