What Is The Islamic Caliphate Doing In The UK?

The Masbaha is also known as Tasbih is a string of prayer beads which is traditionally used by Muslims to keep track of count
The Masbaha is also known as Tasbih is a string of prayer beads which is traditionally used by Muslims to keep track of counting in tasbih - seen here with the Quaran

There's something remarkable taking place in the British countryside this weekend. Tens of thousands of Muslims from over 100 nations worldwide are convening at Jalsa UK to pledge allegiance to His Holiness the Khalifa of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

MI-5 isn't alarmed. The British Prime Minster isn't worried. Even Britain's far right racist Islamophobes appear undeterred. Some might wonder why world governments are allowing the Islamic caliphate to thrive so openly?

Simply put--because they know and understand that this is the Islamic caliphate as it was foretold by Prophet Muhammad himself.

But, the critic will object, every sect of Islam claims they're following Prophet Muhammad's model. Fair enough, and this is where the Khalifa's practical and worldwide example of Islam far supersedes the empty platitudes that define extremist groups.

Rather than mere theory, the Khalifa has put forth a proven and peaceful model of how Islam thrives in the modern day. Far from the violence and injustice exhibited by the terrorist attempting to violently overthrow Iraq and Syria, the true Khalifa exhibits peace and service to humanity all over the world.

Many critics of Islam ignorantly claim that the only way Islam can function in contemporary society is to reform the Qur'an itself--strip away the allegedly violent and allegedly unjust verses--and transform it in to a new religion. This assertion is, in one word, nonsense. It is almost as ludicrous as Muslim clerics who believe Islam must be enforced. As the Khalifa of Islam demonstrates, it is not Islam that needs reform--but Muslims. The extremism we see in some Muslim majority nations is not as a result of the Qur'an, but as a result of ignoring the Qur'an and its foundational teachings of universal human rights, just governance, and the equality of all humanity.

Rather than responding to ignorant accusations against Islam with empty theory, the Khalifa of Islam leads the world's single largest Muslim organization--the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community--to demonstrate by example that Islam thrives in the modern context. Not a revised Islam. Not a reformed Islam. Not a renewed Islam. But the revived Islam as Prophet Muhammad himself taught upon Islam's founding some 1400 years ago.

It is in this spirit that the Khalifa leads the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community across 200 nations worldwide, well over 100 of which will be represented at the 50th Annual Jalsa Salana United Kingdom this weekend. Joining the tens of thousands of Muslims from all over the world are hundreds of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, non-believers, and Muslims from various sects of Sunni and Shia Islam.

The message of Jalsa UK is simple--enough of Islam inaction. Come see Islam in action. See Islam for yourself and arm yourself with the knowledge to conquer extremist ideology. If you want to see Islam as Prophet Muhammad taught, you will see it at the Humanity First booth leading the effort to serve the destitute and poor worldwide. If you want to understand the Islam as Prophet Muhammad taught, you will learn it at the historic Qur'an exhibition and massive book fair that grows every year at Jalsa UK. If you want to hear the Islam as Prophet Muhammad taught, you will hear it loud and clear in the five separate lectures the Khalifa will deliver at Jalsa UK--broadcast live worldwide via mta.tv.

Thus, by public and observable example, the Khalifa demonstrates that the true Islam that Prophet Muhammad established is one based on universal religious freedom, equality of men and women, secular governance, a condemnation of violent Jihad, and an unyielding commitment to justice.

This is why Britain is proud to host Jalsa UK, the largest and oldest Muslim conference in the United Kingdom. This is why western governments proudly send their top officials and delegates to recognize the work performed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in service to humanity. This is why even far right racists in Britain are unable to find objection with the practical model of Islam demonstrated by the true Khalifa of Islam.

But don't take my word for it.