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9 Uber Fare Estimates For The Busiest Air Travel Routes

Enjoy the ride.

Surely you've used Uber before, the ridiculously convenient car service disrupting markets worldwide. But have you ever considered taking it for an actual ride? By which we mean, slightly further down the street than your local dive bar? Well, we have. We actually sat down and thought, Wow, how expensive do you think Uber can get? What if you, like, took Uber across the country?

So we set out to check.

Going off of the Department of Transportation's top busiest air routes (April 2014 to March 2015), we checked how expensive it would be for you to take an Uber instead of a plane. Our findings are as follows ... surge not included.

1. Chicago, IL to New York City, NY: $1,068

2. Los Angeles, CA to San Francisco, CA: $548

3. Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY: $4,033

4. Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA: $2,805

5. Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN: $556

6. Miami, FL to New York City, NY: $1,725

7. Atlanta, GA to New York City, NY: $974

8. Chicago, IL to Atlanta, GA: $930

9. Atlanta, GA to Orlando, FL: $654

Make smart choices, guys.

Uber declined HuffPost's request for comment.

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