What Is the Perfect Small Business for You?

Many people want to be entrepreneurs, but often I get asked: what business should I start? Too often people desire to be in business, but have no clue what they should be selling. Entrepreneurship is as different as the people who run businesses. No two situations are alike, and the path you take will depend on your skills, financial goals, work ethic, and funding options. Explore the following questions to begin the process.

Ask you a few questions? What sort of business are you looking for? Are you hoping to make enough money to buy your own island? Or do you need to make enough money to live a great life, go on a few nice vacations a year and send the kids to private school? Do you want to run an ecommerce business out of your home office? Do you want to be involved in the day-to-day operations or be an absentee owner of franchise and hire someone else manage your business?

These are all things you need to consider before you can decide on the ideal business for you.

Home-Based Business
If you like the idea of a short commute (walking from the bedroom to your home office), a home-based business might be the best fit. You'll turn a profit faster, given your low overhead (no office rental expenses!). Some ideas to consider:

• Customer service agent
• Jewelry Designer
• Accountant
• Social media consultant

Be open to the idea that even if you first start your business out of your home, you might one day decide you need to move into office space elsewhere.

Start a Side Hustle
Don't give up your job security too soon. Launch a side hustle first, in other words start a business while continuing to work your 9-to-5, It's one way to dip your toes into the business world. As you grow the business, you can consider quitting your job...or not. Here are some ideas that fit this type of situation:

• Selling handmade crafts on Etsy
• Freelance writing
• Make-up artist

Essentially, you need a business idea that won't take too much time, and that you can do after work hours and on your weekends.

Leisure Business
If you want to start a business that provides you with flexibility in your schedule, and you're not overly concerned with becoming a millionaire, consider something you're passionate about. Here are some examples:

• Dog groomer
• Baker
• House sitter
• Online book seller

A leisure business may only require a few hours of work a week, and you can adapt when you work to your personal schedule.

If you'd rather start with a business solution that you can get training to run that already has a revenue model, consider buying a franchise. You can decide whether you'll run the daily operations or hire a manager to do so on your behalf. Franchises are available in many industries, including:

• Food and beverage
• Personal services, like house cleaning, tutoring services
• Business services, such as printing services, graphic design

The benefit of franchises is that they have an established brand, proven business systems, and the marketing power, making it easier for you to attract customers.

Full-Time Organic Business
If you're ready to go all in on an original idea, this is the best option. If you aren't afraid of hard work, consider full-time business opportunities like these:

• Public relations consulting
• Running a retail store or restaurant
• Technology service provider

Be ready to commit potentially more than 40-60 hours a week to your efforts, especially when you first three years. And for those of you who are considering becoming retailers, remember it's 7-day a week operation, which may mean no days off until you can hire help.

Yes, the possibilities are limitless for you to start a small business. You must map out your direction, and get started. B sure to love what you do; else your perfect business may be your nightmare ball and chain.