This Uncomfortable Video Of A Clam Will Irreversibly Change You

We feel forever unclean.

“A video of a clam?” you might be asking if you clicked and made it this far. “How exciting can that possibly be? Do those bivalves even move?”

Yes. God yes, they do. More than most non-clam-diggers can ever guess, based on this viral video of a clam uploaded by Oregon fly fishing guide Kate Taylor last month and resurfaced by The Weather Channel on Wednesday.

The Weather Channel posted almost nothing about the spectacle on Facebook, other than calling it a “bizarre video of a clam digging in sand.” That’s accurate, but a little lacking.

As a result, there’s now a fierce debate raging in the Facebook comments over whether the reckless mollusk is a razor clam or a geoduck.

In case you were wondering, a geoduck is not a type of Pokemon, but actually a terrifying-looking creature that is pronounced “gooey duck” and looks like this:

However, Taylor specified on YouTube that her be-shelled star is indeed a razor clam. Though totally incapable of moving horizontally, Pacific razor clams have the ability to dig vertically up to a foot a minute, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

People also commonly dig them up and eat them. But somehow, we just aren’t hungry after watching this.



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