What Is True Islam?

Just south of Oklahoma near Round Rock, Texas, an Adopt-a-Highway sign was vandalized last weekend -- with the words "Ahmadiyya Muslim" crossed out. The vandals left a hand written note declaring, "A Christian Community, U.S.A."

Meanwhile, Fox's Megyn Kelly invited an alleged "former Muslim" from Oklahoma to an anonymous "tell all" interview about the evils of Muslims in America. In doing so, she only stroked the flames of Islamophobia with fear, propaganda, and fabrication.

Listen up Megyn Kelly: Islam will prevail. And not by force, violence, compulsion, or "Jihad for Allah," as the anonymous puppet on your program claimed. Islam will prevail exactly how the Qur'an 69:10 promises and how Prophet Muhammad demonstrated -- through service to humanity, peace, patience, and prayers.

Yes, some ignorant people subscribing to Islam believe they have a free pass to convert others by any means necessary. Never mind that the Qur'an does not endorse any of this compulsion -- but ignorant bigots don't really need an excuse to promote their ignorant bigotry.

Want proof?

Well, consider factual history. Such ignorant bigots are no different from American politicians and judiciary who believed slavery was ordained by Christ. They are no different from Zionist terrorists who bombed King David's Hotel in 1948. They are no different from Christian clergy who massacred Native Americans. They are no different than the KKK, IRA, or the Lord's Resistance Army and their quest to murder, rape, and maim Ugandans into converting to Christianity, submitting to their rule, or being murdered.

Megyn Kelly doesn't seem to understand that ignorance and immorality transcend race, religion, and nationality. Like the aforementioned "Christian" and "Jewish" terrorists, anyone who subscribes to Islam and commits acts of terror does so of their own accord. Islam does not endorse or approve of their violence.

Unfortunately, the ignorance to Islam that Megyn Kelly demonstrated interfered with her ability to hold a rational and just interview. Indeed, what is fair and balanced about inviting an anonymous puppet and taking his word as gospel, without any countering voice? What is "newsworthy" about an individual's unverifiable, unsubstantiated, and unremarkable claims about a mosque he allegedly attended? What is the contribution to a productive dialogue of reporting such anti-Islam hatred without a shred of objectivity?

The Megyn Kellys of the world may not know much about Islam, but Kelly may know one thing that she won't publicly admit -- Islam will prevail. Despite the tens of millions of dollars spent to promote fear of Islam and Muslims, Islam will prevail through service to humanity, peace, prayers, and patience. This was Prophet Muhammad's way.

Rather than legitimize fear Islam and Muslims, Megyn Kelly should stand with Muslims as we repeatedly condemn all forms of extremism and terrorism. Love, compassion, education -- that is the formula to overcome bigotry and intolerance. As Muslims, we revere Jesus, and I'm pretty sure Jesus spoke of love and compassion to overcome evil -- not hatred and fabricated propaganda.

Politicians and the media need to overcome their deliberate ignorance and stop calling terrorist ideology and acts as Islamic or radical Islamic. They should call it what it is -- terrorism and extremism based on immorality and the desire to acquire political power. That is what such terrorism has always been about -- whether it was "Christian" clergy terrorists in 1748, Zionist "Jewish" terrorists in 1948, or "Christian" LRA terrorists in 2014.

And I could sit here and refute -- point by point -- every allegation the shadowy puppet on Megyn Kelly's program asserted. Everything from the alleged violent meaning of Jihad, to Islam's alleged permission to "lie to infidels," to the nonsensical claim that Islam offers "conversion, submission, or death." I won't only because many scholars already have. The point is if people refuse to read and learn Islam from open and practicing Muslim scholars -- and instead resort to shadowy anonymous puppets -- little hope of bridge building exists.

Rather than resort to such propagandized personalities, we must restore compassion and justice to the center of morality and religion. If you want an example consider how the Round Rock, Texas Ahmadiyya Muslim Community responded to their vandalized Adopt-a-Highway sign. This weekend you'll find them on the side of their high way once more, performing an extra highway cleanup to keep their great state of Texas safe and clean. Rather than lash out against Christians in Texas, they've invited their Christian neighbors to join them in a united effort of service to humanity. That is their protest against fear and discrimination.

And that is true Islam -- service to humanity in peace, with patience, and through prayer. Deep down inside Megyn Kelly knows this. She also knows that despite discriminatory and fear-tactics to the contrary -- Islam will prevail.