What is Trump's Kryptonite?

Cold December Snow at the White House
Cold December Snow at the White House

You may recall Kryptonite from your days of enjoying Superman stories. It was the fictional material rendering Superman powerless, one of the only things that could endanger our hero. Today we have an anti-hero, alas not a fictional character, but a real man. A real man who has somehow lied, tricked, cajoled, rally cried, and altogether shocked the world as he ascended to the presidency. He took on a slate of 16 other more qualified, more credible people and vanquished them all. He then took on perhaps the most qualified person to ever seek the office of POTUS and vanquished her too.

Is he invincible? Or does he have a Kryptonite? I contend there is an Achilles Heel in this man.

Intelligence is Trump's Kryptonite.

Double entendre is fully intended in that sentence. There are two kinds of intelligence needed to bring this man down, or to at least stand up to his relentless agenda of taking this country backward in civil rights, women's rights, public education, world respect, etc.

First is our intelligence agencies, the FBI, CIA, NSA and others. Recent revelations confirm what some of us feared. Yes, the Russians interfered in our election with a campaign designed to elevate Trump. These agencies can help us understand what happened and can serve as our watchdog for the future. Trump knows this and as a result, these intelligence agencies that can bring down Trump by bringing up questions about the legitimacy of our election are his Kryptonite. While no intelligence to date is enough to force an overthrow of the election result (and in fact we have no precedent for doing such a thing and therefore no protocol to do so), Trump despises any revelations that make him look like less of a winner. We know this because Trump has a very obvious "tell," as they say in poker, an action that gives clue's to a player's assessment of their hand. Trump's "tell" is his Twitter storm. It tells us exactly what bothers him most. After the intelligence agencies exposed the Russian intervention, Trump's reaction was to belittle and demean the agencies by casting doubt on their conclusions.

Credible news sources are a big part of his Kryptonite. He tweets that CNN and NBC "don't have a clue" about Russian hacking but that "Fox News totally gets it." Truth worries him, truth is not his friend.

What might our intelligence agencies find out about Trump in the future? Is he a Russian spy? Does he owe so much money to Russia he has to be POTUS in order to dig himself out of his debt by enacting policies to aid Russian government plans? We don't know, but we do know he's worried about what intelligence about him might come out. That's why he must discredit the agencies looking into him.

So, yes, intelligence agencies are his Kryptonite.

The second aspect of intelligence that can disrupt his agenda, and the most important one, is the intelligence of Americans. Those who stay informed and act on that information are his worst nightmare. Take for example the secret night move by the GOP to change how the office of Congressional Ethics investigates members of Congress. There was so much blowback to this move from intelligent and informed Americans, they were forced to drop the plan. While Trump was not part of this move and in fact, objected to its timing, he had to witness the power of Americans who know what's going on to derail things they don't like.

His tweets are his tell. Sen. Shumer warns that the GOP repeal of Obamacare will "make America sick again," and Trump, fearing too many people will embrace that truth, tweets out that Shumer is a clown. With the election long over but truth coming out that Clinton won the popular vote, Trump shows his weakness again by tweeting two months after the election that pundits said he'd lose, but he won. Truth, information and intelligence about him is what worries him most.

He's said he loves the poorly educated. Of course he does; he's one of them, despite his Wharton "degree." (Yes, I'm air quoting degree.) He knows the majority of voters with college educations didn't support him as they were too smart to do so. He's intimidated by them because he isn't one of them. He doesn't read and isn't a cogent writer. It's why he loves Twitter and even there he makes many spelling and grammatical errors. He even has to make up words because of his lack of intellectual abilities.

Truth is, Trump's not that bright. This job of POTUS is likely to prove too much for a man of his skill level, particularly if we watch and react to everything he does with a storm of calls, letters, tweets, and emails to those in power.

So, what to do to enhance Trump's Kryptonite? Keep reading, keep writing, and keep passing along any information you find credible about this guy.

Intelligence is Trump's Kryptonite. Fling it at him any chance you get.