What Is Up With The Backlash Against Fit Women?

I’m 43 years old, I have borne two children. I have gained and lost weight over the years. I’m fit; I’m thin; I have a six pack; I feel confident in swimwear, not because I embrace my mom bod, but because my mom bod is toned and tight. Somehow that has become taboo and uncool.

Almost every female blogger out there has a post about recovering from her need to be thin and fit and learning to love her curves. That’s great for you, but that’s not me. I wasn’t comfortable being curvy, I prefer a trim and strong appearance. Instead of choosing to accept my extra pounds, I made the choice to trim down, and that’s a perfectly acceptable, good and healthy choice.

I put in an average of 10 hours a week exercising, about one third of which is with my kids. I eat well, and enjoy treats in moderation. My cholesterol is in the ideal range, I thrive on endocannabinoids, and I’m keeping my brain healthy too! I even ditched my scale, my tape measure and skinny jeans to avoid the trap of the numbers game. There is nothing excessive or unhealthy about my choices.

This is what I don’t get, since when is the only body not being celebrated the thin, fit body? Why is it suddenly wrong to have my children and my pre-baby size and shape? Can’t I have both? Is it wrong to want both?

I agree that physical fitness can be a slippery slope, and that people can go overboard for the sake of a number on the scale or fitting into skinny jeans, and if you’re better off accepting a your fabulous curves than trying every fad diet out there, then great! You do you! But please stop making me sound like the bad guy, the impossible dream or your nemesis.