What Is Vaping? Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Vaping is the act of inhaling or exhaling vapor by a person using an e-cigarette, e-pipe or any similar electronic vaporizer. Vaping is not smoking, as it doesn’t emit smoke, dirty smell and ashes. Vaporizers or electronic cigarettes run on battery, and it contains e-liquid (also known as e-juice). E-liquids are available in many flavors, and it may or may not contain nicotine.

There are some benefits of vaping. First of all, you no longer smell nasty as you do after smoking. Some people really hate the smell of cigarettes, and you can’t go to them right after smoking. It won’t happen if you are using a personal vaporizer. It is available in thousands of flavors, and it completely depends on you how you want to smell like. Another benefit of vaping is “you no longer need an ash tray.” An e-cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco that will burn and leaves ashes. It makes vaping possible almost anywhere. A smoker needs to carry a packet of cigarette and a lighter to fulfill his need of smoking, but an e-cigarette can be used multiple times until it contains e-liquid. A vape or e-cigarette is easy to carry, because it is available in various shapes. You can get the one in pen shape and carry it like you carry a pen.

When E-cigarette was initially launched there were no hard and fast law, but later increasing health concern made government to impose some rules. Ruling about cigarettes varies depending on country and location. Vape Australia has written a detailed article about the vape law in Australia, Vice also published an article recently explaining how US is getting more strict and New Zealand is giving some relaxation.

Never ask a minor to buy cigarettes or electronic cigarettes for you, and the sellers should also refuse to sell to them. Selling e-cigarettes or such accessories to minor is considered illegal, and this case treated as usual cigarettes in many countries. In Australia, an individual may receive the penalty of $11,000, and this penalty raises to $55,000 in case of a corporation. In case of repeated instance, this fine gets 5 times higher for individual and 2 times higher for corporation. You can visit this page for more detail.

There are many smokers who turn to Vape in the hope of quitting smoking, but it depends on various aspects. First of all, you shouldn’t smoke or vape if you want to be healthy, because vaporizer contains such chemicals that may harm. If you really want to quit smoking, you must visit a doctor, and the doctor may suggest if you really need to use e-cigarette or there is other option.

If you are one of those people who really don’t care about such thing, try not to use those e-cigarettes that contains nicotine. It may still be harmful, but much lesser than those with nicotine. Vapes don’t emit smoke, but you should still avoid using in public places, home and before minors.

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