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What is Wrong With Men?

What is Wrong With Men?
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What is wrong with men?

OK, fellows, you can answer this better than me.

Clinton had his Monica Lewinsky; Newt Gingrich had his his young congressional aide while impeaching Clinton for Monica Lewinsky (that's after divorcing his first wife while she lay in bed with cancer); Eliot Spitzer, Mr. Morality, had his high-priced call-girl; And now we have Mr. Clean John Edwards, the Boy Scout of them all, cheating on poor Elizabeth while she is battling cancer.

Ouch, who could go lower than that? I mean even those of us who like John Edwards - while not quite trusting his too-polished southern charm -- LOVE his wife. Everyone loves Elizabeth.

And now all of us hate John (lucky he isn't running for prez and that Obama didn't pick him for VP).

I'm sure the affair started innocently enough. John was being filmed for You Tube by Rielle Hunter and she probably cooed "Oh, Senator Edwards, you look good and sound soooo smooth. But why not move a little this way and look at me at bit more intensely when you talk about the declining moral fiber of the United States?"

Everyone knows that talking about morality is a real turn-on. Next thing you know, they were sitting on a couch somewhere, maybe in her editing suite or a dark bar, reviewing the ad, when his hand found hers and he told her how much he appreciated talking to her about his world views, and how hard it was to be running for president at such a difficult time. How much he loved his wife but how hard it was to be dealing with her cancer. How tired he was and how much he was suffering.

Maybe the woman said, "Oh John, I'm glad to be here for you.. Lay your head on my shoulder...Yeah, now lower...Just lay your head ...ah...yes, there."

And then the next thing you know another powerful man, who supposedly has so much political wisdom and intelligence succumbs to the stupidest of acts. Having an affair when he's at the pinnacle of his power.

Would a woman ever be this dumb? Do you think Hillary Clinton, no matter how attracted she was to someone, would have ever slept with them during her presidential campaign (or even during her time in the Senate)? Can you imagine Nancy Pelosi, the House Majority Leader, risking her entire career to have a dalliance with a campaign worker? How about Barbara Boxer? Or Barbara Mikulski..

Too often women are told that we're just too emotional and sensitive to be really good corporate executives, or athletes or presidents (or fill in the blank). But, guys, it's time to face reality. While women sometimes talk more about our emotions, when it comes down to it, we're a whole lot more sensible and rational. We know when you should think about something - and when to act it out.

John Edwards should be ashamed of himself.. And National Enquirer must be gloating because while the upstanding Senator from North Carolina lied through his teeth, this sensationalist publication was actually telling the truth.

Sometimes truth is weirder than fiction.

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