What Is Wrong With President Obama? Is This How He Leads His White House?

Yesterday we learned that anonymous White House officials called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a coward and that he is chicken**** to a reporter from The Atlantic.

And today? More anonymous White House officials and this time they insult Secretary of State John Kerry:

"...Mr. Kerry is vocal and forceful in internal debates, officials said, but he frequently gets out of sync with the White House in his public statements. White House officials joke that he is like the astronaut played by Sandra Bullock in the movie 'Gravity,' somersaulting through space, untethered to the White House..." (CLICK HERE to read the rest of the New York Times article)

Besides the obvious -- that both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary John Kerry happen to have more experience than President Obama -- these two incidents show President Obama is showing no leadership in the Oval Office. This is HIS staff. Has he no control of them? Or is this a message he covertly sends down from the top since we know he trashed PM Netanyahu on a hot mike in November 2011?

How can President Obama's staff possibly think it is okay to publicly and anonymously insult Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary Kerry without a 'nod and wink' that this is acceptable? And if they are freelancing, are these White House officials THAT arrogant that they think they are so damn smart? They sure are cowards -- they do drive-by ambushes of leaders anonymously.

And yes, of course President Obama can figure out who is doing this (assuming he is not part of this conspiracy to trash these two leaders). He can then fire them. Will he show leadership INSIDE the White House?

Cross-posted from GretaWire.