What Is Your College Nightmare? (SLIDESHOW)

What Is Your College Nightmare? (SLIDESHOW)
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At first it seems like a normal day at college.

It is gray and cold and I am sitting alone in the cafeteria eating a sad plate of oddly matched food, when one of my friends approaches. (The friend is never specified. Later, I always forget what they look like, but I know that they are wearing jeans).

"So, are you excited for the math exam today?" this person asks. (I mean honestly, what a horrible person? Maybe we aren't even friends.)

"What math exam?" I say, in a guileless manner.

"The math exam. It's today. Were you even going to go to the exam? You haven't gone to class all semester."

"I am not enrolled in a math class," I say. Suddenly, I am engulfed in panic. I dimly remember enrolling in a math class.

"Yes, you are! We enrolled together the first day. Don't you remember? I don't know why you never went to class. I have been going all the time," this friend says in a bossy voice.

"I don't know either," I say slowly. It's all starting to come back to me, like a woman with emotional amnesia during Freudian analysis. "No wonder I have only been taking three classes all semester," I mutter under my breath. "If I don't take that math class I won't graduate. I will get an 'F'! I will have to walk without a diploma! Why didn't I go to class?"

"Well, that is not my problem," says the "friend" who then saunters away.

I start running out of the dining hall. At this point I decide that I should find out where and when the math exam is and try to bluff my way through it. I run to my dorm and look up this information. I realize that the exam is happening in 5 minutes. I run to the exam. It has already started without me, because I am an incredibly slow runner.

"Hi," I say to the professor, out of breath. "Is this the math exam? My name is Rebecca. I need to take it."

"The math exam?" says the professor, who looks like Russell Crowe. He is a math genius. "Rebecca? Oh you. You have been enrolled in my class this whole time, but you never showed up. You missed every quiz. You have already failed. It doesn't matter if you take the exam."

"NOOOO!" I yell and yell. And then I wake up.

College nightmares are common, unfortunately. In honor of this, I asked our readers what their "college nightmares" were, (because what is better than sharing your dreams?) and this is what they came up with. Enjoy!

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