What Is Your Guardian Angel's Name?

Do you believe in angels? Do you talk to angels? Do you know the name of your guardian angel? What experiences have you had with angels? I want to hear from you, so I'll share an angel story. First off, my guardian angel's name is Rebecca.

In my spiritual class this week, some students wanted to connect with angels and spiritual guides. That's something I've been doing for the last ten years, so I was aware of the process. Today's question was, do you know your guardian angel's name? I am already familiar with Rebecca. But the quest to learn more led me to a youtube video. "Find out what your guardian angel looks like," it promised. I couldn't resist. I knew her name, but couldn't imagine what she looked like.

By using this meditation, I would get up close and personal with my most intimate angel-- see what she was wearing, find out the color of her hair. I dove in with excitement because I knew Rebecca had to be beautiful. Aren't all angels? In my mind they have beautiful skin and long flowing hair. I got comfortable and clicked play. The music set the tone for a peaceful experience.

"Someone is moving forward," the instructor said. Curiously, I saw no beauty. In fact, I saw a large dark figure, an almost rock-like, perhaps beastly shaped silhouette possibly on a hill, definitely in the night. I thought, wait, what? This couldn't be my beautiful Rebecca. Who is this stranger imposing itself on my meditation? In my mind, I argued with the image, there was nothing soft about it. While I battled internally, curiosity kept me with the program. The image came into greater focus, and I got more and more confused.

"What does her hair look like?" the instructor implored in melodic tones. My image showed a bright orange-red, spiky mop top; it wasn't a flow of auburn locks you might expect of your angel. And, it also felt like a he, not a she.

"What color is her eyes?" more pleading and soft tones from the woman on the tape. The softer her voice got, the more stark my vision became; now I'm seeing bulging lime green eyes. Really, not at all lovely to my thought. Shouldn't my guardian angel look more like the proverbial mermaid or even a rock star like Beyonce? Could this granite figure, with crazy colored hair and Beelzebub eyes really be my beloved Rebecca?

The soothing music continued in contrast to my out of place vision. I heard one last instruction before I became dumbfounded and heard no more. I was taken by surprise.

"What does your guardian angel have to tell you?" the voice on the recording pleaded.

Rebecca, or the awkward figure, had his/her back to me now. Turning around slowly; this thick granite-type image appeared to be opening up its arms. Was it showing me what was under a coat? I saw a small light at first. Could it be a medal? No, it's getting bigger. A flashlight? The next moment, it hit me. It was all revealed.

The rock-cloak figure was wide open and I could see a very bright light. It wasn't a shiny coin, it was a very large, bright star. It was an ivory-butter colored light spreading across a darker horizon. I guess you could say it was similar to a sun, but it wasn't as yellow and much easier to look at. It was beautiful. I was in awe. My mind stopped arguing with the image. I took it in. I was speechless. And thoughtless. Breathe in. Breathe out. There are no words. Only communion.

After awhile, I got the impression that Rebecca, like all of our guardian angels, is a light being. And I am led to believe, on some level, so are we. Such beauty in this world and the Spirit world.

I scrolled through my photos today and found this picture. This is close to what it looked like.


So, tell me. what about you? Are communicating with your light? Do you talk to your angels? Do you meditate? I want to hear from you. What has been one of your close encounters with the heavenly kind?

God's love is a blessing. And so is our interest in sharing our experiences.

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