What Is Your Message to the World? A Global Call for Inspiration and Action

I am writing on the eve of 25 September, in a moment and time that will be remembered in history. I am glad to be part of it to tell it to future generations, and I wish to address the international community here and now, because time runs fast and it is our moment to dream, visualize and act. Tomorrow at the United Nations General Assembly, a set of 17 Global Goals will be adopted and will change the course of our lives. 17 objectives that tackle extreme poverty, climate change, gender equality, health and nutrition, equality and justice, and aspire at peace, community development, education for all, freedom, clean water and sanitation, economic growth, increased use of renewable energies, stronger infrastructures, and sustainable development.


When adopted, we can be the change and make things happen. in 1809 Charles Darwin said that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent one, but the one most responsive to change. We must engage in our work, in our professional and personal life, within our community, around the world, with family, friends and new people changing the dynamics and happenings in our ordinary lives, to make extraordinary things. Powered by the spirit, the energy and the momentum of the birth of the sustainable development goals, we must get more involved in what happens around us, be more aware and be willing to improve and work in cooperation to create a better world.

And where to start? First of all, we can "pick" a sustainable development goal that we feel we can recognize ourselves into and we are passionate about ( and we want to share points of view and discuss). Second of all, spread the word and make our voice heard, by expressing our ideas to achieve the goal. Create a working group and a social media page. Share, visualize, reunite, make tangible actions. Truly believe in a better planet, a more sustainable, where people can live in harmony, peace and happiness. Where wars cease to exist, hunger is eradicated, everyone has rewarding jobs and can form strong families. A world where everyone can go to school. A world where there are many dreams and hopes for the future. A world where opportunities of growth are tangible, and where each human being can unleash his/her potential to be better people, learn and grow up, responsible, ethical and open-minded to both embrace change and to make changes that can transform the world in a more compassionate place to live.

I particularly liked and wish to share two photos from the Global Goals website: feet united, and a shared cake.



To me, these are the best representations of the world, where everyone can contribute and can actively push a little harder to create the world we want to live in, and where each and everyone has the ability to freely choose the life they want to live. A world where respect of human rights must be on the top of the list of personal values. Everyone on the planet is worth of living, and everyone should have opportunities of learning, living, loving and growing. In a globally connected world, where opportunities are immense, and where technology, compassion and solidarity can help us achieve the goals of our lives. For us, for our children, and for the flow of generations coming after us.

So, what is your message to the world? Find it, share it, take actions and shape the future. Now it is the time to start.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"- Eleanor Roosevelt.
And make them reality.

For further information of this historic moment, check the websites:

Inspire and Take actions!