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Ride your purpose!

Ride your purpose!

I am always touched in my Astrology practice when clients ask me what their purpose is.

Sometimes they say “my soul’s purpose.” People from their 20’s on ask me this question and one of the reasons I love Astrology is that this rich tradition can provide some resonant answers.

Think of your sign as representing your motto or coat of arms. Your chart can reveal many things but focusing on only your Sun sign simplifies and illuminates what is most important. When you carry your banner high you are in touch with your purpose and it graces your life. Here are sign by sign descriptions for living your purpose.

ARIES: Martialing your energy to fight for your self-worth and the underdog.

TAURUS: Accumulating security, material and spiritual, for yourself and those you love.

GEMINI: Thinking of how to communicate your ideas and spread the word.

CANCER: Creating a home in your heart that you carry with you always.

LEO: Leading yourself and others with generosity and panache.

VIRGO: Analyzing details and information to serve yourself and others.

LIBRA: Balancing in relationships your own contradictions and those of partners.

SCORPIO: Penetrating the mysteries of life fearlessly.

SAGITTARIUS: Exploring and speaking the truth bluntly and clearly.

CAPRICORN: Climbing towards your material and spiritual goals.

AQUARIUS: Sharing all human knowledge: from the past and far into the future.

PISCES: Imagining a kind, compassionate, protected world.

Putting these purposes into action takes a lifetime. As in medieval times when knights carried banners into battle, each sign can orient itself by remembering these phrases. When you feel connected to the essence of your sign you feel whole and connected.

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