What Is Your Soul Telling You?

What is your soul?

Is it just an energy, a spirit, a presence that can't be quantified or touched except when channeled into great physical expression?

And if that energy is to be shared, and we are to reframe ourselves into new territory in order to promote growth, can we not experience that unless we are engaging in the world?

And what if that world is filled with pain, corruption and ego, expectation and manipulative calculation -- then how do we allow our spirit to be seen when the rest of self-importance covers that spirit?

I believe it is possible to regain our spirit. Especially at this time, for we are birthed from the channels of the greatest Spirit that lies in the heavens, G-d himself. Since that is our essence, we have the ability to recreate, reframe, re-engage in our spirit, even if it feels like it has been covered up or ignored too long.

Before the great holiday of Rosh Hashanah, where apples are dipped in honey and the sound of the Shofar resides, we have an opportunity to take the time to realign our spirit and to listen to the inner voice that needs much feeding if it is to be heard.

We are reminded by the simple apple that changed history when the first man and woman were created on this birthday of the human and when the apple became the conduit to change their own mission from one that is to live in veiled ignorance to a place of known suffering meant to lead to enlightenment. We are reminded to listen to our innocence by the sound of the Shofar, a sound channeled using our own breath as it takes flight inside a small space and expands out of the widened mouth of the ram's horn. A sound so piercing like a child's cry that we cannot help but think of our own.

There are times we are so lost in the sea of decorum, social mores, and public pressures that we don't take the time to quiet the noise down and really listen. Listen to our hearts, our yearnings, our truths, our desires, our passions. We numb ourselves with food, entertainment and anesthetics in order to depart from our truth.

To be vulnerable to our truth is the greatest courage we can resign ourselves to.

This year take a few minutes, listen to your truth, follow your heart, hear what you are meant to become, not what you believe you are obligated to take on.

May on this holiday season, we reach into the deep roots of our spirit and expose its truest essence to be shared with all of humanity. May we expose truth, may we expose our truth, our real voice and may the heavens except our prayers even the pained ones veiled in our own egos so that we may be known, truly known for who we are, not for what we assume others may want to know us as.