What ISIS Wants: To Destroy The 'Gray Zone Of Coexistence'

To deny ISIS a place in this world, build a place in your heart for Muslims.

On this week's edition of "So, That Happened": Last week's terror attacks in Paris were horrific and senseless, but for the perpetrators -- the death-cultists of the self-described Islamic State -- they served a specific purpose: to eliminate the "gray zone of coexistence" between Muslims living in the West and their non-Muslim neighbors.

The refugees fleeing Syria make it more than crystal clear that the Islamic State is not creating any kind of haven for Islam. But if you want a more relatable face of the "gray zone of coexistence" -- a success story you've definitely heard of -- consider some of your favorite international pop stars. The terror group despises Muslims of all stripes who reject their bankrupt ideology and look to the West for hope. They're counting on us making the mistake of rejecting these Muslims.

Meanwhile, as our political leaders mull what is to be done in response to the Paris attacks, Congress is being asked to reconsider taking up responsibilities that they've long dodged -- passing the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that explicitly pertains to the battle against the Islamic State. Finally, while the world's been watching Paris, your Congresscritters have moved a law through the House of Representatives that would make it easier for auto dealers to practice racial discrimination in the issuance of car loans. And guess what? This passed with massive bipartisan support.

"So, That Happened" hosts Jason Linkins, Zach Carter and Arthur Delaney are joined this week by Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), as well as HuffPost reporters Akbar Ahmed and Jessica Schulberg.

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