What It Feels Like To Have A Crush

Few things in this world are as brutally dichotomous as the crush. It can be ...

The. Best. Thing. Ever.


There's just something about that person.

You don't even really know them, but you do know this:

It can make you feel like a bit of a...

Just not this much of a stalker.

Onward to some light Facebook stalking it is!

Uh-oh, their photos are public and bountiful and... you're not even listening right now, are you?

Now you know their favorite bands, and TV shows, and movies, and oh my, this is not going to end well -- CRAP, HERE THEY COME! ACT CASUAL!

"Oh hey, what up? Me? Just hanging out, being casually casual."

What you think you look like talking with your crush:

What you actually look like talking to your crush:

You will embarrass yourself multiple times.

At this point, you just need to distance yourself from the situation.

Because you suddenly realize, for some reason, your crush isn't instantly jumping into your arms at the mere sight of you.

So you decide it's finally time to tell them how you feel.

And their response is:

This is you right now:

You okay?

Right... Well, okay, let it out.

The key now is to change focus. Accept it and move on. Even Netflix agrees...

the crush timeline

But as we all know, time will heal all wounds. So keep yourself occupied.

Just never entertain the idea that there's something wrong with you or that this crush was "The One."

You'll meet someone else. Just have to keep putting yourself out there. And this likely won't be the last time you'll be hurt.

Yeah, it sucks. But that's a part of life. Welcome to the human race.