What it is Like to Start a Small Business

Officially a month into my new business venture, I've fully immersed myself in my company. While each day is an incredible learning experience, I've certainly felt a vast range of emotions over the past few weeks (and I'm sure there is more to come).

So, what's it like giving up a steady paycheck and benefits to start your own endeavor?

It's exciting - The thrill of starting a new business venture that you can call your very own is indescribable. You will feel increased confidence and quickly develop a 'can-do' attitude (you also develop a thick skin).

It's scary - Often times you will find yourself questioning your decisions (be it to start a business in general, or just the minor business decisions you make along the way). It is important not to forget these intimidating feelings, as they can be channeled into increased determination and fuel for your future success.

It's fun - Your wins become more meaningful and your losses become invaluable learning experiences. Even the smallest 'win' at first will feel like a gold medal. It is important to remember to celebrate every win.

It's expensive - Software may cost just a few hundred dollars, but hardware and support could cost thousands more. Remember to think big picture for all costs, and when budgeting consider Murphy's Law - Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

It's stressful - There is increased pressure to succeed when it's just you in the driver's seat. In addition to the personal pressures you may put on yourself, there are also financial pressures you cannot ignore. While these pressures are natural, you should not allow them to directly affect your outlook.

It's empowering - Now you call the shots -- you make the decisions. You are officially the only person responsible for your future, and every action you take (or don't take) will have a lasting effect.

Did you recently start a business? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Gillian dreams big. After years of working under successful and inspirational women, she woke up one day at age 27 realizing she wanted more out of her career. The result of her revelation is Gillian Small Public Relations, a small business offering high-quality PR services at an affordable price.