What It Really Means To Be A Working Parent, In 32 Candid Photos

What It Really Means To Be A Working Parent, In 32 Candid Photos

In 2014, 70.1 percent of mothers and 92.8 percent of fathers with children under 18 were either working or looking for work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These large numbers of working moms and dads affect the dynamics of parenthood and raising a family today in many ways. Though it may be difficult to sum up the life of a working parent in words, sometimes pictures say it all. Here's our colleague Kate giving us a glimpse into her experience at a recent Take Your Child To Work Day.

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We posted Kate's photo and asked the working moms and dads of the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for pictures and musings that capture their experiences. Below are 32 of those photos and thoughts about what it means to be a working parent. (Click here for a look at what the stay-at-home parents had to share about their experiences.)

Tara Keaton Barber
"Mine looks pretty similar."
Amanda Lynn
"My son has his own desk at the law firm I work for."
Erin Estelle
"My view leaving for work while she stays home with daddy!"
Bianca Costa Espinoza
"This is my sweet baby girl, sitting at mommy's desk, pretending to be hard at work!"
Mary Dever
"Being a working mom in the military means my day is made when my husband brings my son by for a visit before his bedtime so he doesn't miss our story time."
Sabrina Leung-Powers
"As a Business Owner, I was lucky enough to have an office set up for baby. My three kids came to work with me up until they were 8 months old..."
Sarah Mackinley
"Had to bring my daughter to work. She helped me set up my wine displays."
Tonya Ann
"It means being too tired to remember to tighten the lid on the pancake mix and having it explode all over the kitchen! And your child losing his mind over the reality of no longer getting pancakes for dinner."
Natasha Lloyd
"Not sure who's working harder."
Teri Davis
"My husband taking our boys in 'his office' a tractor. They spend a lot of hours there."
Stacy Schwartz Frazier
"Helping mommy clear out her inbox."
Such a Dahl
"It's 'The Sitter Called Out Sick So There's a Small Child Under My Desk Day' at the office!"
Nathalia Frykman
"Thought she was behaving watching cartoons then I look back and see she ruined a box of wipes."
Andrea Michelle
"I'm an insurance agent and also a dance instructor. Unfortunately I work 9-5 and teach 5-9 and it mean my little guy has to be at the studio past bedtime some nights."
Natasha Lloyd
"Daddy working from home."
Grace O'Byrne
"My youngest helping me sweep after a haircut."
Baby Making Machine
Amanda Hegedus Kirkland
"Daddy is a DJ/audio engineer. Our little boog when she discovered his sound board!"
Carrie Gadek
"I love the fact that while I work, I can still attend the special pre-school events, even if I have to show up in my scrubs."
Dawn Daabul
"Taking a meeting with daddy (and doing office supply art)."
Dena Charlton
"Being a working parent means my heart breaks every day when my son screams for me as I'm walking out the door."
Patty Gibson
"We work together as a family building decks and other things for people. We are literally a family business."
Anne Vance
"Cuddling a sick little man and still getting the job done!"
MeLitta Olson
"I often brought my youngest to work with me if I had to go in on my days off. Here she is at 6 months old hanging out on my desk."
Rachel Cama Nemer
"I'm a yoga instructor; sometimes I teach Mom & Baby/Toddler classes. This is my son and I. It was his birthday so we had cupcakes after. My job is great (I should add that most classes are general yoga classes... without baby)."
Liz Blasberg Brumels
"Working from home with a sick kiddo, although he certainly wasn't acting sick."
Joanna Knight
"Receiving cute daycare pics throughout the day. Warms my heart."
Katie Hodge McSwain
"Biggest perk of my day is when my husband has the day off and brings our son by the office to see me! Being a working mom is by far the hardest thing I have ever done but it is very rewarding. Every second I get to spend with my son Beckham is all the more special."
Casey SW-Wakefield
"I'm a slimming world consultant I do about 50 hrs a week, I have 3 boys who have grown up with it and love it."
Amber Brennan
"Our son even has his own 'job' at daddy's work!"
Rachel Place
"Having a surprise visit from my little girl makes my day at the hospital."

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