What It Means To Be Authentic: Chef Michael Taus

I often wonder what is more important to chefs these days. Is it the food or is it stardom?

With the proliferation of food festivals, social media blitzes and reality TV deals, it seems that being a celebrity might be the highest priority. However, with Chef Micheal Taus of Taus Authentic, it is refreshing to experience a chef that hasn't succumbed to celebrity chef mania. "I care about every table. I care about every detail," Chef Taus told me while filming the videos below in preparation for the September 14 Dinner Party. "I talk to every table. This is a mom and pop place. I care about every person who walks through." And he means it. Authentic is right!

Chef Taus is smart to be so in-tune to his clientele. The dining world has changed and restaurant competition is tougher than ever. The diner has also changed. Distracted by cell phone pictures and proving to their friends that they are in the right place at the right time, one has to be at the top of their game to keep the diner's attention.

To make sure every dish is perfect, Chef expressed to me the importance of not doing too much to the food. "Timing and exceptionally fresh ingredients are everything," he said during filming breaks. And after 20 years of offering fine dining at his previous restaurant, Zealous, Taus wanted to bring his kind of attention to detail to causal dining. Voila Taus Authentic! Attention to detail is also why Chef Taus is such an ardent supporter of The Trotter Project and grateful for all that he learned from the master himself while working at Charlie Trotter's restaurant early in his career.

At Taus Authentic, Chef Taus makes food that is near and dear to his heart, the sort of food he learned how to make growing up. Hence, on The September 14th Dinner Party, Chef Taus will be making his grandmother's secret recipe for a Ricotta Tart with Heirloom Tomatoes, Olives, Walnut Pesto and Lavender Honey and Slagel Farm Flat Iron Steak in his special Chimichurri Sauce. Enjoy the videos below and tasting Chef's incredible dishes at the September 14th event.