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What It Takes to Activate Your Power

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It is 3 am as I wake from a deep sleep on the night that marks the last Supermoon of 2016. As I look at the clock and glance at my 7-year old baby girl nestled close to my body I realize today is going to be is going to be of EPIC proportions, not only for me and my family but for all of you as well.

What makes today special you ask? Today is the day I finally sign that sacred contract with my Soul...that one I wrote over a year ago after my rock bottom moment but could not muster up the strength to commit to until now. Today marks the day I will sign it in permanent ink and declare I will never again hit the EASY button in my life.

A threshold has been standing between me and my greatness. A threshold that up until now I did not consider myself worthy enough to cross.

However, today as I glance at my beautiful baby girl lying peacefully beside me in bed at 3 am, I realize this girl deserves a mommy who is willing to commit fully to her journey of a lifetime. A mommy who will not only jump the challenging hurdles but also make the final LEAPS to master the upper thresholds to Self-Mastery. She deserves to wake up and feel the energy that is now alive and well in her life marked with vibrant colors and beautiful views. Her older 2 sisters also were born to experience this journey with me, as I hold the torch and guide them every step of the way. A mom who would be courageous enough to surrender that last hook pulling her down the mountain and back into her comfort zone but instead choose to forge ahead to the highest peak.

As a follower who reads my posts, you know I have been sharing my vulnerable moments with transparency since my unraveling began in 2008 with my mom's cancer diagnosis. You've read about my victories, my rock bottom moment and all the moments in between that have become milestones or guideposts along the way. Today I choose to leave out some of the most remarkable details as I hope you will continue to support me and read my memoir, which is entitled Crashing Into Grace, and will be published in 2017. However, as one of my followers, I wanted you to be the very first person to hear the news of my final ascend to the Summit and gates of Self-Mastery. You are my biggest supporter. You are the reason I get up in the morning and dedicate my life to igniting the flame, answering the calling, and leading the way to your journey of a lifetime. When you decide it is time, I will be here holding the torch for you to lean into the magic.

Kristin Swarcheck is a Breakthrough Catalyst, Power Activation Coach and Business Success Strategist.